Product features

  • ·        For use with pex, Copper, or CPVC in any combination
  • ·        Suitable for hot and cold potable water and hydronic heating applications
  • ·        Simple to use no tools, solder, or glue required
  • ·        Approved for behind-wall use
  • ·        Code-approved, lead-free, full flow, and UV resistant

Prolock Now Available John Guest

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Dear Valued Customer,

Fairview has outgrown it’s current Moncton location and will be moving to a new, larger facility later this month.  We will be closing down on March 22&23 and there will be no shipping done on these two days. We will be back in operation on Monday March 26.

The new address is (map attached):

145 English Drive

Moncton, NB

E1E 3X3

Phone/fax/email addresses remain unchanged.

We appreciate your continued support and hope the move doesn’t inconvenience you in any way.  We look forward to serving you at our brand new, expanded facility.

Thanks on behalf of the Fairview Moncton Team,

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Gerry Runighan | Branch Manager
683 Malenfant Blvd | Dieppe, NB E1A 5T8
Tel (506) 857-1115 | Fax (800) 862-4374




Fairview is excited to announce that our all new sizing app designed specifically for GAS-FLO®’s CSST Fittings and Piping System is now available for all Andriod and iPhone devices. A sleek and user-friendly design allows gas fitters to accurately size most gas line I.D.’s in three easy steps.

Designed to give installers quick and accurate information on proper line sizing of GAS-FLO® CSST, this app also includes access to the complete GAS-FLO® CSST Design Manual along with our quick 6-Step Assembly Instructions and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Features Include:

-Smart phone and Tablet optimized.

-French and English enabled.
-Easy to use drop down menus and combination-style input wheels
-Option to view complete sizing charts for each gas type and inlet pressure
-Bilingual GAS-FLO® CSST and Fittings installation instructions.
-Answers to frequently asked questions
-Direct access to the complete, bilingual, Gas System Design Manual.

Download today from iTunes or the Google Play store.


Piranha Thermoplastic hose & couplings now available from Fairview

Fairview Fittings & Mfg. Ltd. (Canada) is pleased to announce another great addition to their already expansive product offering. Fairview will now distribute through their 8 warehouse locations across Canada the Piranhaflex line of Thermoplastic Hydraulic hose & hose ends. The Piranhaflex Thermoplastic Hydraulic hose offering includes 100R7 and 100R8 hose, available with the traditional black abrasion resistant polyurethane cover and an orange non-conductive non-pin pricked cover. Fairview will also offer Piranhaflex’s 100R18 constant pressure hose, also available in the black abrasion resistant and orange non-conductive covers. Hose ends for use with the Piranhaflex thermoplastic hose products are available in a variety of sizes and configurations that can be used with both crimp machines and swaging machines. Contact your local Fairview location for pricing and delivery information.


John Guest Speed-Fit® and Push-Fit Products

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November 2016


John Guest Speed-Fit® and Push-Fit Products Now Available from Fairview Fittings across Canada.

Fairview Fittings & Mfg. and John Guest USA Inc. are pleased to announce that they have entered into a Master Distributor Partnership agreement that will see Fairview warehouse and distribute John Guest Speed-Fit®, Polypropylene Push-Fit fittings and valves for plumbing, industrial, pneumatic, OEM, marine and RV applications.

Since opening its’ factory doors in 1961, John Guest has earned a reputation as a world leading manufacturer of Push-Fit fittings, tubing, and other fluid control products. The billions of JG connectors currently in use around the world on a wide variety of application types have proven to be the company’s strongest endorsement.

Fairview Fittings & Manufacturing was established in 1969 and has become an international leader in the manufacture and distribution of industrial quality hose, valves and fittings. Fairview inventories more than 15,000 active products in 9 stocking locations across North America.

Please contact your nearest Fairview location for product and ordering information.






Fairview’s EQUALIZER Pressure Gauge combines the benefits of a liquid filled gauge with a dry case resulting in the best of both worlds in one revolutionary new product.

The ability of Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges to absorb vibration and dampen needle movement – resulting in longer gauge life and more accurate readings – has long made them the preferred choice over standard Dry Pressure Gauges. On the other hand, liquid filled pressure gauges may leak and the liquid can gel or become discolored if exposed to extreme temperatures.




Fairview is proud to introduce the new EQUALIZER pressure gauge, a gauge designed to solve leakage, gelling and discoloration problems without sacrificing the vibration and dampening qualities of a liquid filled gauge

The Equalizer gauge contains a small flat paddle covered by a stainless steel cap filled with dampening compound. The shaft is affixed to an extended pointer in the back of the gauge, creating enough resistance to dampen the pointer movement. The result is a “Dry Pressure Gauge” that can withstand vibration and pulsation while providing a precise reading average of 99.5% accuracy. The lightweight Equalizer is reinforced and operates in temperatures as high as +200°F (+93°C) and as low as -58°F(-50°C) without concern.

Fairview’s 5 year warrantied Equalizer technology is ideal for pumps, compressors, hydraulic presses, machinery and motors, and is available in pressure ranges from 60 psi/kPa up to 10,000 psi/kPa with 2.5” or 4” 304 Stainless case options and brass internals. Premium versions in all stainless steel are also available upon request.

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A strong propane system adds precious time to our too short camping season

RV Camping Season

Seasonal campers are all familiar with the frustration of having to pack up for another winter. For many of us the Labour Day weekend signifies the beginning of the end; that time when we have to come to grips with the fact that our endless summer is about to end. In desperation, we crank up the humming generator, trying to keep warm through the night into the cold shortened days of October. Soon we admit defeat and long for the promise of spring, with its chilly mornings and northern winds, when our need for fresh air and the open road can once again be satisfied.   Those of us familiar with camping in early spring/late fall know the importance of a well performing propane system and the frustration it can cause when temporarily taken out of operation.

Seasons will affect the performance of your Propane system and while you desperately try not to take notice of them changing, outside ambient temperatures will vastly affect the performance of your cooking, heating and even the temperature of water you bathe in. Luckily, Fairview has designed a new X-Series of Gas-Flo regulators that perform noticeably better in cold weather conditions, at high altitudes and when tanks are low in Liquid Propane. Gas-Flo X-Series LP-Gas regulators were originally engineered with the goal of being used by Food Truck Vendors with high BTU/h demand 365 days a year.

The two most important parts of your RV gas system are the Regulator and QCC1 Acme nut. A rubber pigtail and QCC1’s btu/h rating should be slightly higher than that of the Regulator itself, in order to maximize your regulator’s working capacity. Under normal temperatures this should work fine, but as temperature’s drop outside, so does the pressure inside your tanks which will also lower the shut-off capacity of a standard QCC1 nut (nearly 50% or lower). If your appliance rating is lower than the reduced QCC1 capacity, a safety device within the QCC1 nut will close and shut-off the flow of gas. Not fun!

Gas-Flo X-Series Changeovers and Two-Stage Regulators are equipped with a proprietary internal device designed to safely allow for the use of higher BTU/h inlet capacities to assure gas appliances always get the full flow of LP-Gas they require without risk of unwanted gas system shut-downs, especially in colder temperatures.   In case of an actual gas system rupture downstream, Gas-Flo X-Series Two-Stage and Changeover Regulators will immediately shut down, giving peace of mind and allowing for greatly improved performance in cold weather and other low pressure conditions.

The bottom line is that Fairview’s new Gas-Flo X-Series RV Automatic Changeovers and two stage LP-Gas regulators can greatly improve the flow of LP-Gas to RV appliances year round. So if, like me, you’re the type of camper that wants to start earlier each year and carry on late into the fall (or just never stop camping all year long), the Gas-Flo X-Series is your new best defense against the elements that conspire to stop us.


By Andrew Ridge, Product Manager at Fairview Fittings & Manufacturing, Avid Camper and Outdoor Enthusiast

Fairview Fittings & Manufacturing