b'HOSE ASSEMBLY DISPLAY RACKSHOSE ASSEMBLY WALL DISPLAY RACKAIR BRAKE HOSE ASSEMBLY DISPLAY RACKPART No. HAR-15 15 fixed slots 27/32 wide to display hoses. Specifically designed for Fairview HAB air brake assemblies. Keeps assemblies organized, handy and ready to use. Mounts to the wall. (bolts not included)Color DimensionsCapable of displaying up to 75 hoses, 3/8 O.D. or1/2 O.D.RED 4-3/4" H X24-3/4" WX6-1/2" DGAS-FLO APPLIANCE CONNECTOR DISPLAY RACKPART No. ACR-8 8 fixed slots 27/32 wide to display hoses. Specifically designed for our Gas-Flo (ACS) applianceconnectors. Keeps connectors organized, handy and ready to use.Color DimensionsMounts to the wall. (bolts not included)BLUE 4-3/4" H X12-1/2" WX6-1/2" DCapable of displaying up to 32 connectors.STAND ALONE HOSE ASSEMBLY DISPLAY RACKSACCUTEK AIR HOSE ASSEMBLY DISPLAY RACK(For Assemblies See Page 88 - 94)PART No.AHDR-RACKStack-Em-Up to save space. This stand alone rack isconstructed from 1/4 steel wire. Accommodates a variety ofassemblies. Comes boxed complete with base and signage(AHDR-RACK-SIGN). Holds approximately 15 assemblies.(sold separately) For Air (Pneumatic) Hose Assembly Kits see page 279Color DimensionsBLACK 14.5 in Dia.With detachable baseWithSupport(18 Dia.) 52 High, Base 36 High (less sign).INDUSTRIAL WATER HOSE ASSEMBLY DISPLAY RACK(For Water Hose Assemblies see page 97)PART No.WHDR-8Rack-Em-Up to save space. This rack is similar in constructionto the AHDR above. (without a base)Its larger diameteraccomdates water assemblies. Comes boxed complete withsignage, (WHDR-SIGN) Holds approximately 8 water hoseassemblies. (sold separately)For Industrial Water Hose Assembly Kits; see page 279K Color DimensionsBLACK 17 in Dia. 52 High,36 High (less sign).278'