b"WATER HOSE ASSEMBLIESRUBBER (EPDM) DISHWASHER HOSEThis flexible non-corrosive core, yarn reinforced black hoseis designed for the discharge of water from automaticdishwashers, and other similar applications. COLOR: Black TEMPERATURE: -40F to +190F, -40C to +88C CLAMPS: HC5, HC6 Page 154WorkingActual I.D. Hose O.D. PressurePART No. (IN.) (IN.) P.S.I. Packaging 100 Ft. Coils CDWH-10-50 5/8 .910 100 CartonDWH-10-100 5/8 .910 100 CoilDWH-10-REEL 5/8 .910 100 500' Reel50 Ft. Dispenser CartonNOTE: WORKING PRESSURE RATED AT +70F, +21C. ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE WORKING PRESSURE.BULK PRESSURE WASH HOSEBLACK COVER (4000 P.S.I.) GREY COVER (6000 P.S.I.)(PW2) is a one wire construction, wrapped black, smooth blue or wrapped grey (PW4) is a two wire construction, grey wrapped cover hose.Suitable for pressurescovered hose. Its tube is specially formulated to handle high pressure water. up to 6000 P.S.I., at +70F,(+21C) or temperatures up to +250F,(+121C), at lowerSuitable for pressures up to 4000 P.S.I., at +70F,(+21C), or temperatures up to pressures.+250F,(+121C) at lower pressures.BLUE NON-MARKING COVER RED NON-MARKING HIGH-TEMP. (3000 P.S.I.)(PW3) is a one wire construction hose with a special Blue non-marking smooth Heat-Star-Combo (PW5) is a one wire construction, Red non-marking heat resistantcover. Suitable for pressures up to 4000 P.S.I., at +70F,(+21C), or temperatures smooth cover, dual purpose hose. This hose will handle steam up toup to +275F,(+135C) +325F,(+163C) at 350 P.S.I. and hot water to +250F,(+121C) at 3000 P.S.I. * Any increase in temp. up to a maximum of 275F will lower the working NOTE: The outer cover of PW5 hose must be skived (removed) before attaching over thepressure considerably. For more than Intermittent applications in this wire crimp ends.environment (275F Max) we recommend our PW5 High Temp Non Marking Hose.PREVAILERTM YELLOW COVER (4000 P.S.I.)(PW6) Yellow oil and fat resistant (RMA CLASS A) special synthetic rubber coveredhose providing superior strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance and long service life.One high tensile steel wire braid. Suitable for pressures up to 4000 P.S.I., at +70F,(+21C), or temperatures up to +250F,(+121C) at lower pressures.Actual Maximum ApproximateInside Working Weight ReelDiameter Pressure Per Foot LengthPART No. Color (IN.) (P.S.I) (LBS.) (FT.)PW2-6-REEL Black 3/8 4000 .23 300PW2-6BLU-REEL Blue 3/8 4000 .23 300PW2-6GRY-REEL Grey 3/8 4000 .23 300PW3-4-REEL Blue 1/4 3000 .15 300PW3-6-REEL Blue 3/8 4000 .25 300PW4-6-REEL Grey 3/8 6000 .35 300PW5-6-REEL Red 3/8 3000 .21 300PW6-6-REEL Yellow 3/8 4000 .22 500NOTE:Any ambient or internal increase in temperature will lower the above listed working pressures.99"