b'AIR CHUCKS AND VALVESAIR CHUCKS BRASS TANK VALVESAIR TANKVALVE** Fairviews industrial grade brass air tank valve with MaleNPT thread for use on compressed air systems.Fairviews industrial grade brass ball chucks with 1/4" femaleNPT thread are ideally suited for use on live air lines supplying PART No. Pipe Description compressed air. BTV-A 1/8 Complete with CapBTV-B 1/4 Complete with CapPART No. Description BC-B Ball ChuckBC-B-LH Ball Chuck (Locking handle) **AIR TANK DRAIN VALVEAIR TANKDRAIN VALVEWITH PULL CABLEFFairviews industrial grade dual foot filler valve with 1/4" femaleNPT thread are ideally suited for use on live air lines supplyingcompressed air. PART No. DescriptionPART No. Pipe Description BC-B-DF Dual Foot (6 Overall Length) 14DV-60B 1/460" CablePRESSUREPROTECTION VALVEPPV SeriesThread ThreadMaterial: Black anodized aluminumB ADiaphragm: Low-temp Buna Temp Rating: -40F To +225F (-40C To 107C) Max Pressure: 200 PSI max. supplyReverse check when closed.Non adjustable standard. A BPPV SeriesPanel mount standard.Material: Black anodized aluminum Diaphragm: Low-temp Buna Light weight only 5-1/2 oz. Temp Rating: -40F To +180F (-40C To 82C) Max Pressure: 200 PSI max. supply Pressure to open Adjustable 45-95 psi, pressure to close adjustable 40-90 psi. DISCONTINUED PRODUCT LIMITED STOCK SEE PPV90PC-60/65-6C Downstream check,(optional) stainless steel adjustment screwClosing Opening Closing OpeningThread Thread Pressure Pressure Thread Thread Pressure PressurePART No. "A" "B" (P.S.I.) (P.S.I.) PART No. "A" "B" (P.S.I.) (P.S.I.)PPV90PC-60/65-6C 1/4 NPTF 1/4 NPTF 60 65 PPV-60/65-B 1/4 NPTF 1/4 NPTF 60 65180'