b'S.A.E. HYDRAULIC HOSESUCTION HOSEFor hydraulic suction (29 Inch/hg) and low pressure hydraulic return lines.Will handle petroleum based hydraulic fluids, diesel fuels, water andlubricating oils. Wire helix prevents collapsing under vacuum service. Notsuitable for use with phosphate esters. CONSTRUCTION:Two textile spiral plies with wire helix. TUBE: Oil and heat-resistant synthetic rubber inner tube. Meets or ExceedsMSHA ApprovedPerformance CharacteristicsCOVER: Oil, weather and abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber cover. C COLOR: BlackS.A.E. 100R4TEMPERATURE: -40F to +250F,-40C to +121CTWO TEXTILE SPIRAL PLIES PACKAGING: 50 FT. and 100 FT. CoilsFITTINGS: SC600 Compression (Page 75 - 76)WITH WIRE HELIX (Up to 1-1/4 Size)(NON SKIVE) S1100 and SO1100 Steel Hose Inserts (Page 84)COVER IS NOT REMOVED Steel Combination Nipples and Hose Menders (Page 70)Actual Hose Working Min. Burst Min. Bend Vacuum Approx. CoilI.D. O.D. Pressure Pressure Radius Service Wgt. / Ft. LengthPART No. (IN.) (IN.) (P.S.I.) (P.S.I.) (IN.) (IN./HG) (LBS.) (FT.)HR4-12-100 3/4 1.160 300 1,200 4.90 29 .60 100HR4-16-100 1 1.480 250 1,000 5.90 29 .70 100HR4-20-100 1-1/4 1.770 200 800 7.87 29 .90 100HR4-24-100 1-1/2 2.050 150 600 10.00 29 1.20 100HR4-32-100 2 2.500 100 400 11.80 29 1.50 100WETLINE KITSA Wet Line Kit uses a hydraulic pump installed on a trailer to power anything with a hydraulic motor, suchas a boom or crane, or the hydraulics on a dump truck. The Wet Line Kit is attached to the trucks PTO(Power Take Off) and transfers an engines mechanical power to another piece of equipment. CUSTOM KITS AVAILABLERETURNLINESHYDRAULICASSEMBLIES HYDRAULICWING Q.D. COUPLERST-BOLTHYDRAULIC CLAMPS HOSEADAPTERS CONNECTORS117'