b'POLYETHYLENE MECHANICAL FITTINGS and RISERSMECHANICAL TAPPING TEES: The exclusive Perfection PermaLock Mechanical Tapping Tee provides a simple gas-tight, non-heat fusionpolyethylene service line connection on new and existing polyethylene mains.It actually uses the inside diameter of the main itself to create a permanent gas-tight seal.The tee can be installed in as little as five minutes usingonly a socket set and two Allen wrenches regardless of weather conditions.There are no special tools, heating orauxiliary power requirements.There is no need to shut down the main during installation. Heres how the PerfectionPermaLock Mechanical Tapping Tee uses the inside diameter of the main to achieve a permanent gas-tight seal: as thevalve assembly is threaded into the tee tower it punches the main and drives the locking flange of the valve assemblythrough the punched hole; when the valve is threaded upward the tee is securely locked and sealed onto the main by theretaining flange on the valve assembly; the Perfection PermaLock Mechanical Tapping Tee is now permanently lockedonto the main.MECHANICAL TAPPING TEES: PERMASERT SDR /PART No. MAIN SIZE OUTLET Wall CUTTER MaterialPF-54272 1-1/4" IPS 1" IPS SDR11 .80 CUT PE4710 / PE3408PF-55951 2" IPS 1" IPS SDR11 .80 CUT PE4710 / PE3408ANODELESS RISERS:(PERMASERT MECHANICAL END)Perfection risers provide extra safety due to the strongschedule 40 steel pipe used as the outside casing.Due to the factory installed epoxy coating the risers donot require cathodic protection devices to ward offunderground corrosion.Each riser is tested to withstand a minimum of 150P.S.I. and meet D.O.T. regulation 192 for residentialand commercial L.P. or natural gas service.The above ground portion has an N.P.T. end forconvenient connections to a fitting, meter or regulator.There is a unique pressure seal which locks the PEtube / pipe on the inside of the riser giving thestrength to allow a pull to destruction test.The underground portion comes with a threaded moisture seal for protection along with the factory installedPERMASERT coupling.* Special lengths, shapes, seals and fusion connections are available upon request.ANODELESS RISERS: (PERMASERT MECHANICAL END)Steel Pipe Permasert SDR / I Part No. Connection Coupling Wall Vertical HorizontalPF-77205 1/2" NPT 1/2" CTS .090" 18" 18"PF-77253 1/2" NPT 1/2" CTS .090" 30" 24"PF-77181 3/4" NPT 1/2" CTS .090" 30" 24"PF-79209 3/4" NPT 3/4" IPS SDR11 30" 25"PF-79354 3/4" NPT 3/4" IPS SDR11 30" 26"PF-77120 3/4" NPT 1" CTS .099"/.103" 30" 25"PF-79408 1" NPT 1" IPS SDR11 30" 25"PF-79350 1" NPT 1" IPS SDR11 30" 26"PF-75901 1-1/4" NPT 1-1/4" IPS SDR10 30" 24"PF-79784 1-1/2" NPT 1-1/2" IPS SDR11 32" 29"PF-75906 2" NPT 2" IPS SDR11 30"15" 238'