b'NYLON FITTINGSSelecting MaterialA1 - NYLON has good resistance to organic solvents, oils andgasolineGood strength at high temperaturesCold and hot-waterapplicationsLongtime weathering resistanceGood impact resistance,both single and repeatedNot recommended for use with ammonium,boric acid, calcium, sulfuric acid, or hydrochloric acidF.D.A. listed. N.S.F. listed.2 - CELCON or acetal copolymer, has high tensile strength andgood impact resistance over a broad temperature range. Translucent white colorNot affected by continuous hot-water serviceand works smoothly with metal tubeCelcon cannot be recommended forcontinuous exposure to solutions with achlorine concentration greater than 1 ppmSuggested maximumcontinuous temperature is +220F (+104C) in air and +180F (+82C) inwaterUnaffected by most inorganics, except sulfuric, nitric andhydrochloric acidsListed by U.S.D.A. and F.D.A. for coffee, milk andantibioticsN.S.F. listed.Should not be continuously exposed tosunlight.3 - POLYPROPYLENE has good chemical resistance Withstand continuous temperatures up to +215F (+102C)Opaque Unaffected by most weak acids and alkaliesBelow +175F (+79C) ithas good resistance to organic solventsDo not use with oxidants orstrong acids or in continuous sunlightN.S.F. listed20% glass filled forimproved stiffness.4 - KYNAR a polyvinylidene fluoride, has outstanding chemical CHART KEY 1 - NYLONresistance for handling highly corrosive fluidsF.D.A. listedN.S.F. listed. * 2 - CELCON(ACETAL)3 - POLYPROPYLENE500 SERIES 2500 SERIES ** 4 - KYNAR LOWPRESSURE SS GRIPPERPOLY TUBE METAL TUBE * TRADEMARK OFHoechst Celanese Corporation.** TRADEMARK OFAtochem North America, Inc.Select Grippers / Nut 1500 SERIES Select Body MaterialHIGH PRESSURE THESE UNIQUE TUBE FITTINGS Chemical and TemperatureTube Material and Working OF MOLDED NYLON FOR EXTRA Requirements Determines Material.Pressure Determines Gripper. N STRENGTH, ARE LEAK PROOF,YL CORROSION PROOF, AND NYLON (STANDARD 500 SERIES) SERIES O VIBRATION PROOFNYLON (STD.) GRIPPER 500 SERIES NTEMPERATURE:-40F to +220FT -40C to +104C WORKING PRESSURE: 50 P.S.I. UBE POLYPROPYLENE P (GOOD CHEMICAL RESISTANCE) SERIES PLASTIC GRIPPER 1500 SERIESTEMPERATURE:-30F to +215F WORKING PRESSURE: 220 P.S.I. AVAILABLE -34C to +102CSTAINLESS STEEL GRIPPER 2500 SERIES KYNAR K (HIGH CHEMICAL RESISTANCE) SERIES WORKING PRESSURE: 220 P.S.I. AVAILABLEWORKING PRESSURE: 220 P.S.I.TEMPERATURE:-80F to +275FMinimum orders may apply. -62C to +135CALL FITTING PART NUMBERS ARE SHOWN WITH OUR FOR POLYPROPYLENE PREFIX PART NUMBER WITH P.STANDARD 561 NUT. (EXAMPLE: P568-) FOR PLASTIC GRIPPER TYPE PREFIX WITH NO. 1FOR KYNAR PREFIX PART NUMBER WITH K.(EXAMPLE: 1568). (EXAMPLE: K568-)FOR STAINLESS STEEL GRIPPER TYPE PREFIX WITH NO. 2 FOR CELCON PREFIX PART NUMBER WITH C.(EXAMPLE: 2568)(SPECIAL ORDER, MIN. QTY. MAY APPLY (EXAMPLE: C568-)ALL FITTINGS WILL BE SUPPLIED IN NYLON UNLESS NYLON FITTINGS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLACK ON AOTHERWISE SPECIFIED.SPECIAL ORDER. (568BLK) Operating pressures are governed by ambient and fluid temperatures,type of fluid being conveyed, tube type, and conditions of mechanical abuse.14'