b'CYLINDERS AND TANK EQUIPMENTLIFT TRUCK CYLINDER RELIEF VALVEDesigned specifically for use as a primary relief valve on DOT lift truck cylinders.All containers used in industrial truck service, including lift truck cylinders, should have therelief valve replaced with a new or unused valve within 12 years of the manufacture date ofthe container and each 10 years thereafter. Can be used on cylinders up to 100 lbs. LP-Gascapacity.Inlet PressureConnection SettingPART No.(IN.) (PSIG)2070 3/4 - 14 NPT 375LIFT TRUCK AND ENGINE FUEL VALVEDOT Lift truck Service ValveDesigned to allow either vapor or liquid withdrawal. Integral excess flow valve helps preventexcess product loss in the event of fuel line rupture. Must be used in a cylinder with anindependent pressure relief valvesufficient for cylinder\'s capacity. Stem design features adouble O-Ring seal to provide extra protection from leakage. Extra low profile reducespotential for valve and handwheel damage when cylinders are stacked on each other.Inlet Outlet Excess ForConnection Connection Flow ServicePART No.(IN.) (IN.) Valve Marked2075 3/4"-14 NPT 3/8-18" NPT 1.6 GPM LiquidFIXED LIQUID LEVEL GAUGESLarge knurled knob for easy gripping when wearing gloves. Knurled knob is retained toprevent dropping or lost plugs during fillings. Designed to provide a visible warning whencontainers are filled to the maximum permitted filling level.Inlet DiptubeConnection LengthPART No.(IN.) (IN.) Service2065 1/4" NPT None CylinderI LIFT TRUCK BACK CHECK CONNECTORSThese quick closing couplings are designed to join the carburetion fuel line to the servicevalve on motor fuel type applications. ACME thread allows quick hand-tight assembly.Back checks automatically close when disconnected.UL Listed2088Inlet OutletPART No. Connection Connection Application2089 3/8" FNPT 1-1/4" M ACME Service Valve2088 1-1/4" F ACME 1/4" FNPT Fuel Line2089 2089-GASKET Secondary Gasket Seal2089-OR Primary Gasket Seal244'