b'PEX WATER TUBE ACCESSORIESHYDRONIC PRESSURE TEST KIT PEX CRIMP TOOL KITFairview\'s Hydronic Pressure Test Kit is ideal for leak testing ofradiant / hydronic heating systems. HPT-KIT-1 comes completewith a Male Water Thread x 3/4 Female NPT adapter forapplications where this thread is required.Pressure PART No. Inlet Outlet GaugePART No.HPT-KIT-1 0-100(P.S.I.) HCPEX-RTC-KITSchrader Female Swivel BoilerHPT-KIT-2 0-200(P.S.I.) 14" Hand Crimp Tool Kit for Crimping Black Copper Crimp Rings onValve Drain Connection 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 PEX fittings. Includes replaceable jaws for all sizesHPT-KIT-3 0-30(P.S.I.) and Go-No-Go gaugePEX TOOLSGO-NO-GO CRIMP RING PEXGAUGE REMOVING ANGLE CRIMPCUTTER TOOLPART No. Pex Pex Pex PART No. PART No. PEX SizeHCPEX-GNG 3/8 1/2 3/4 HCPEX-CRC For removing blackHCPEX-RTAC-10 1/2copper rings HCPEX-RTAC-14 3/4Compact & angled for crimping black rings intight spaces.ECONOMIC OETIKERCLAMP CLAMPTOOL TOOLJPART No. PART No.HCPEX-RTE Clamp tool for HCPEX-RT Original OETIKERstainless tool for stainlessstepless clamps stepless clamps257'