b'INDUSTRIAL WATER NOZZLESPART No. GHN PART No. GHNEZinc pistol grip nozzle with Zinc pistol grip nozzle. metal lever, zinc body. Zinc body. Threaded front forRemovable Threaded front for accessory accessory attachment.Thread attachment. Brass pull rod and Chrome plated. Plastic outerProtector nut. Sprays from a fine mist to case. Brass pull rod and nut.heavy stream. Steel handle: Tie on card / 10pcs. per innerchrome plated. Tie on card / box. 100pcs. per outer carton. 10 pcs. per inner box.100pcs. per outer carton. ADJUSTABLE WATER NOZZLESPART No. GHN6 PART No. GHN107 Pattern zinc turret pistol Heavy-duty 10-pattern spraynozzle. Zinc body. gun. Zinc body. Aluminum spraySeven pattern spray turret. head, Anodized. Built-in waterBrass pull rod and nut. shut-off and flow control. TenChrome plated. pattern spray turret. LargeTie on card / 12 pcs. per inner handle controls spray. 6 1/2 Wbox. 48 pcs. per outer carton.X 7 H. Tie on card / 6 pcs. perinner box.12pcs. per outercarton. PART No. GHN-BN PART No. GHFNZinc body. Adjustable brass 3 1/2 Mini fireman\'s nozzle plated aluminum tip. Insulated metal construction. Spraysoft pistol grip steel handle. adjusts from extra-wide toBrass pull rod and nut. blasting flow. Small rubberizedTie on card / 12pcs. per inner spray head, Anodized. Tie onbox. 48 pcs. per outer carton.card / 12 pcs. per carton.PART No. GHTN-RG Water Hose Fittings and6" Adjustable Spray Nozzle withBrass Tip. Zinc body *Brass Accessoriesspray nozzle. Natural brass See Pages: 43 - 44color. Tie on card / 10 pcs. perinner box. 100 pcs. per outercarton. BRASS INDUSTRIAL WATER NOZZLESJ PART No. GHTN PART No. GHPS4" Brass adjustable twist nozzle.2 Brass hose power sprayer. Adjustable from mist to jet stream. Solid brass construction.Solid brass construction. Natural brass color.Natural brass color. Tie on card,12 pcs. per inner box.Tie on card / 12 pcs. per inner box. 48 pcs. per outer carton. 48 pcs. per outer carton.* Water Nozzle Models Change From Time To Time.May Not Be Exactly As Shown.256'