b'BRASS PUSH-TO-CONNECT FITTINGS QUICK CONNECTFULL FLOW DESIGNBRASSCONSTRUCTION FOR USE WITHPOLYETHYLENE,NYLONAND POLYURETHANE TUBES. ATEE TEEEnds Tube Ends Tube PLUGCenter Male Center(Plastic)Pipe Swivel Female PipePART No. Tube Pipe PART No. Tube Pipe PART No. TubePC72SW-4A 1/4 1/8 PC78-4A 1/41/8PC67-2 1/8PC72SW-4B 1/4 1/4 PC78-4B 1/41/4PC67-4 1/4PC72SW-6B 3/8 1/4 PC78-6B 3/81/4 PC67-6 3/8PC72SW-6C 3/8 3/8 PC67-8 1/2PC72SW-8D 1/2 1/2ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSTemperature Range -40F to 212F (-40C to 100C)TO CONNECT TUBE: TO DISCONNECT TUBE:Cut plastic as squarely as possible. Insert tube end With thumb and forefinger, hold down the top of theinto fitting until friction is felt as tube slides past the insert against the fitting body and then, with theO-ring. Using a slight twisting motion while inserting other hand, pull out the tube. No tools are needed.the tube is often helpful. After this initial friction isfelt, continue to push in the tube until it bottomsfirmly against the internal tube stop.BLUGRN BLKFAIRVIEW CARRIES A WIDEVARIETY OF TUBEAVAILABLE IN COILSORAAND REELSSEE SECTION D 360-SERIES RED27'