b'STEEL REUSABLE HOSE ENDSFOR USE WITH: S.A.E. 100R1-AT (NON SKIVE) HOSE FOR USE WITH: S.A.E. 100R2-AT (NON SKIVE) HOSES.A.E. 37 S.A.E. 37Male Female MalePipe Flare Pipe Female(Swivel) Flare (Swivel)BPART No. Hose I.D. Pipe PART No. Hose I.D. Tube PART No. Hose I.D. Pipe PART No. Hose I.D. TubeSRT125-4B1/4 1/4 SRT138-44 *1/4 1/4 SRT225-4B 1/4 1/4 SRT238-44 *1/4 1/4SRT125-6C3/8 3/8 SRT138-66 *3/8 3/8 SRT225-6C 3/8 3/8 SRT238-66 *3/8 3/8SRT125-8D1/2 1/2 SRT138-88 *1/2 1/2 SRT225-8D 1/2 1/2 SRT238-88 *1/2 1/2SRT238-1212 *3/4 3/4* Item is available in stainless steel.Change prefix to "SS"(eg. SSRT238-44) ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS FOR NON-SKIVE S.A.E. 100R1, 100R2 & 100R5 STEEL REUSABLE HOSE ENDSSTEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 5Using a fine-toothed saw or Dip the end of the hose into a Turn the hose Dip the nipple end into a Turn the stem clockwise intocut-off wheel, cut the hose lubricant.Use a light counterclockwise into the lubricant.Refer to step 2. the hose and socket untilsquare to the desired length. viscosity oil (S.A.E. 10 or 20) socket until the hose bottoms. (Light weight oil S.A.E. 10 or the stem hex shouldersClean hose with air pressure 20). against the ferrule.to remove dust particles. IMPORTANT: Back the hose off atleast 1/2 turn, check to be surethat there is a gap of 1/32" toCAUTION: Larger diameter hose is subject to Neck 1/16" between the hose end andthe shoulder on the inside of theDown during cut-off operations.This condition does socket.Failure to provide thisnot allow the nipple to be pushed into the hose.When gap may cause cracking of thethis happens, that portion of the hose I.D. must be socket.chamfered with a sharp knife, just enough to allow thenipple to be pushed into the hose.Be sure to removethe cut-off rubber from the assembly.ONE PIECE CRIMP ENDS FOR PTFE HOSEFOR USE WITH S.A.E. 100R14 SMOOTH BORE PTFE HOSE (Page 110)ALL WETTED PARTS ARE BRASS.S.A.E. 37Male FemalePipe Flare(Swivel)Nominal NominalPART No. Hose I.D. Pipe PART No. Hose I.D. TubeSCT425-4A 1/4 1/8SCT425-4B 1/4 1/4 SCT438-44 1/4 1/4SCT425-6C 3/8 3/8 SCT438-66 3/8 3/8SCT425-8D 1/2 1/2 SCT438-88 1/2 1/2SCT425-10D 5/8 1/2 SCT438-1010 5/8 5/8SCT425-12E 3/4 3/4 SCT438-1212 3/4 3/482'