b'AIR GUNSLEVER HANDLE TYPE WITH HOOK (O.S.H.A.) PISTOL GRIP WITH HOOKMAXIMUM PRESSURE IS 145 P.S.I.Female WandPART No. Pipe LengthAG166 1/4 4-1/4 Provides narrow, high velocity jet of airPART No. Female Pipe into blind holes as small as .200 and hardAG411E1/4 to reach areas. Meets O.S.H.A. standards.Slender 4-1/4" long aluminum nozzle. Plastic thumb grip.Infinitely variable output. Die cast construction.Spark proof. Individually carded.Meets O.S.H.A. Sound level: 86TWO IN ONE AIR GUNBrass inlet and valve. Flow: 11 CFM 150 P.S.I. InletWITHMETAL TIP PISTOL GRIP TYPE WITH LOOPFemale Wand (ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION)PART No. Pipe LengthAG411EW 1/4 6" Meets O.S.H.A. standards. Removable copper wand for optional metal tip replacement.PART No. Description Die cast construction. AG164 1/4 Pipe Individually bagged with instructions. Aluminum construction for heavy dutyServices -garages, machine shops and(RUBBER general industry.TIPPED)Venturi type nozzle increases air outputby 10 times. Cone shaped air jet minimizes chip blowback.PART No. Female PipeBrass nozzle and valve.AG410R 1/4Flow: 11 CFM Heavy-duty construction. Provides a leak-proof seal between gun and air line. 360 UNIVERSAL SWIVEL Excellent for blowing out cavities or surfaces that could bedamaged or scratched by metal tips. Die cast construction. Individually carded. The universal swivel connects portable airtools to an air line. It improvesSOFT NOSE maneuverability, minimizes operator fatigueand extends hose life.Features: Swivels 360 at two pivot points allowingthe air hose to drop directly to the floorPART No. Female Pipe while providing superb tool handling.FA154SN 1/4JThis soft nose is especially designed for use in both light andNew lightweight, non-marking compositemedium bench work. construction, industrial quality. It is super sensitive, easily flexed, quick to respond to finger NOTE: Do Not Exceed 150 P.S.I. (10.3 Bar)pressure and has a soft cushion tip which prevents damagingof delicate durfaces; also avoiding static sparks. Fullimpact of air, if needed for production, can changeimmediately to a breath of air for close up work depending PART No. Pipe Air Flow Rangeupon finger pressure applied by operator.DS-B 1/4 Up to 33 C.F.M. Packaged individually.254'