b'PNEUMATIC COUPLINGSLINCOLN INTERCHANGE COUPLING - MANUALFairviews Lincoln series interchange is a manual style connectioneasily identified by its long pilot and short ball groove. It interchanges1/4" Size with Lincoln style couplings available from other manufacturers.See Pneumatic Quick Disconnect Crossover - Page 193Operating pressure:300 P.S.I. (21 BAR)Very long nose length.NOTE: NOT ACTUAL SIZECOUPLERS NIPPLESPART No. Body Size Pipe PART No. Body Size PipeQD-LINMC4-4F 1/4 1/4 FPT QD-LINN4-4F 1/4 1/4 FPTQD-LINMC4-4M 1/4 1/4 NPT QD-LINN4-4M 1/4 1/4 NPTMINIATURE HIGH CAPACITY SERIES - AUTOMATICIdeally suited for medical, dental equipment, small air tools, robotics, laboratories, air conditioning systems, plantfeeding, training aids, auto emission testing, cooling lines, photo processing and breathing apparatus.Maximum pressure rating:1000 psiOne-handed operationWorking pressure: 0-230 psiHigh flow-low pressure dropVacuum: Over 12" MercuryLarge range of connectionsTemperature range: -40F to +250F, -40C to +121CBrass constructionCOUPLERS NIPPLESPART No. Body Size Pipe PART No. Body Size PipeQD-MINIAC2-2F 1/8 1/8 FPT QD-MININ2-2F 1/8 1/8 FPTQD-MINIAC2-4F 1/8 1/4 FPT QD-MININ2-4F 1/8 1/4 FPT GQD-MINIAC2-2M 1/8 1/8 NPT QD-MININ2-2M 1/8 1/8 NPTQD-MINIAC2-4M 1/8 1/4 NPT QD-MININ2-4M 1/8 1/4 NPTUNIVERSAL INTERCHANGE COUPLING - AUTOMATICIndustrial Tru-Flate ARO 210 Fairviews Universal series is a push-to-connect style coupler capableof accepting ARO 210, Industrial and Tru-Flate Interchanges.Operating pressure:300 P.S.I. (21 BAR)COUPLERS COUPLERSPART No. Body Size Pipe PART No. Body Size HoseQD-UNIAC4-4F 1/4 1/4 FPT QD-UNIAC4-4H 1/4 1/4QD-UNIAC4-6F 1/4 3/8 FPT QD-UNIAC4-6H 1/4 3/8QD-UNIAC4-4M 1/4 1/4 NPTQD-UNIAC4-6M 1/4 3/8 NPT197'