b'POLYETHYLENE MECHANICAL FITTINGS and RISERSSERVI-SERT (ALL-FLEX LP GAS RISER)Our fully approved Servi-Sert All-Flex riser kits are available in 84" lengths for first-stage regulator tank sideand 36" lengths for second-stage regulator house side. Sold in kit form, as required by NFPA-58, these risersfeature pull-out proof, third-party design certified Servi-Sert service heads, and PVC sunlight resistant coatedsteel flex that meets crush strength requirements. They are lined with a plastic centering device that providesan annular insulation air space, and a moisture seal permanently affixed to the end of the riser providesmoisture, corrosion and shear control.FLEXIBLE ANODELESS Servi-Sert - Field Assembled All-Flex Risers(With liners and swivel connector/union)SDR / OVERALLPART No. OUTLET INLET Wall LENGTHPF-71353 1/2" IPS 1/2" CTS .090" 84" PF-71354 1/2" IPS 1/2" CTS .090" 36"PF-71410 3/4" IPS 3/4" IPS SDR 11 36"PF-71411 3/4" IPS 3/4" IPS SDR 11 60" PF-714123/4" IPS 3/4" IPS SDR 11 84"ANODELESS SERVI-SERT FIELD-ASSEMBLED RISERS (with liners)*The Perfection Servi-Sert Riser gives permanent security in a top connected anodeless riser suitable for bothnew construction and insertion renewals.The one-piece Servi-Sert Fitting contains components which grippermanently and seal independently of each other. The Servi-Sert Riser is available in flexible and pre-bentstyles to meet any application requirements. All it takes for permanent leakproof connection is insertion of thePE gas tube to the proper stab depth, according to our printed instructions, and a simple turn of a wrench.No more worries about proper torque requirements for temperature and plastic pipe density variations.Ourunique metal-flex joint protects against separations.Simply chamfer, mark and stab in the pipe, turn thewrench, and forget it.No ordinary top-connected riser can match Servi-Sert for safety and ease of installation.Meets or exceedsall applicable ASTM, ANSI, and D.O.T. requirements (ASTM D 2513, ANSI B1.20, ANSI B31.8, and D.O.T. 192.)STUB-FLEX W/ LINERS (Centering Sleeves)PART No. OUTLET INLET SDR/Wall NIPPLE FLEXPF-71731 1" IPS 1" IPS SDR 11 18" 36"* Comply with NFPA-58, (Check Local Jurisdictions) and CAN/CGA-B149.2-10IGALVANIZED RISER with SERVICE HEAD ADAPTERFast and easy installation with no special tools. Used in after meter applications (pool heaters andauxiliary buildings). Meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM D-2513 category 1, ANSI B 1.20,ANSI B 31.8, US DOT part 192 and CSA B137.4SDR/ Vertical /GALVANIZED SERVICE HEADCASING ADAPTERPART No. OUTLET INLET WALL Horizontal (Included) (Included)PF-74059 .099"/.103" 24" V X 31" H Casing OnlyPF-71151 1" NPT 1-1/4" FPT Adapter Only239'