b'ORDERING HYDRAULIC HOSE ASSEMBLIES4 ASSEMBLY OVERALL LENGTHThe overall length of the assembly is measured in Inchesincluding hose ends.Example: 2 = 24.0010 = 120.0100 = 1200.Must fill all 5 spaces in the Overall Length CodeLength Tolerances for Hydraulic Hose AssembliesWhen ordering elbow on assemblies please note measurements are and Specified Hose Lengths.measured from the center of elbow to opposite end of assembly. Length ToleranceHA T2SN 06 C 120.0 FV C MP C 0 to and including 36"1/4"Above 36" 1% of lengthC measured to theHOSE ASSY.nearest 1/8 of an inch.1 HOSE CODE2 HOSE SIZE 5 HOSE END CODES3 TYPE CODECODE DESCRIPTION4 OVERALL LENGTH (IN.)B9 Female British Parallel 90 Elbow5 HOSE END CODE 1 BF Female BSPP Swivel Female Cone6 SIZE CODE 1 BM Female BSPP Swivel Male ConeFH Female Heavy Metric5 HOSE END CODE 2 H9 Female Heavy Metric 90 MetricJSFemale JIS 30 Flare6 SIZE CODE 2 KM Female Komatsu 30 FlareFL Female Light Metric1 HOSE CODES L9 Female Light Metric 90 ElbowFV Female NPSM SwivelCODE HOSE CODE HOSE RS Female O-Ring Face Seal T1SN S.A.E. 100R1 HR7R S.A.E. 100R7 Kink Resistant R5 Female O-Ring Face Seal 45 Elbow T1XX S.A.E. 100R1 R7LT 100R7 Low-Temperature R9 Female O-Ring Face Seal 90 Elbow T2SN S.A.E. 100R2 R7NC 100R7 Non-Conductive FP Female PipeFJ Female Swivel 37 S.A.E.T2XX S.A.E. 100R2 R7PN 100R7 Plus Non-Conductive J5 Female Swivel 37 S.A.E. 45 ElbowH4SH DIN 20023 4SH HR8X S.A.E. 100R8 J9 Female Swivel 37 S.A.E. 90 ElbowHR3X S.A.E. 100R3 R8NC 100R8 Non-Conductive JL Female Swivel 37 S.A.E. 90 Elbow (Long)HR4X S.A.E. 100R4 HR12 S.A.E. 100R12 FS Female Swivel 45 S.A.E. HR5X S.A.E. 100R5 HR13 S.A.E. 100R13 S5 Female Swivel 45 S.A.E. 45 ElbowHR5H 100R5HT High Temp. HR16 S.A.E. 100R16 S9 Female Swivel 45 S.A.E. 90 ElbowHR7X S.A.E. 100R7 HR17 S.A.E. 100R17 C5 Flange code 61 45 ElbowHR7A S.A.E. 100R7 ANSI R17L 100R17 Low Temp. C9 Flange code 61 90 ElbowHR7P S.A.E. 100R7 PLUS HR18 S.A.E. 100R18 C1 Flange code 61 StraightD5 Flange code 62 45 ElbowD9 Flange code 62 90 ElbowSIZE CODES D2 Flange code 62 Straight2 6TR Flareless Tube RepairHOSE SIZE TUBE SIZE CODE02 1/8" A GT Grease Tap03 3/16" F04 1/4" B MJ Male 37 S.A.E.05 5/16" G MS Male 45 S.A.E.06 3/8" C BP Male British Parallel08 1/2" D BT Male British Tapered10 5/8" I MH Male Heavy Metric12 3/4" E MI Male Inverted Flare16 1" H I5 Male Inverted Flare 45 Elbow20 1-1/4" J I9 Male Inverted Flare 90 Elbow24 1-1/2" K ML Male Light Metric32 2" M MO Male O-RingO5 Male O-Ring Boss 45 ElbowO9 Male O-Ring Boss 90 Elbow3 ASSEMBLY TYPE CODES RM Male O-Ring Face SealSO Male O-Ring Boss SwivelCODE TYPE CODE TYPE MP Male PipeC Crimp Ends S Swage Hose SP Male Pipe SwivelP9 Male Pipe Swivel 90 ElbowR Reusable Ends T Twin-Line Hose ST Stand Pipe126'