b'DRY PRESSURE GAUGES Dry Gauge#304 Stainless Steel Case1.5% Full Scale AccuracyOperating Temperature: - 40F To + 392F, -40C To +200CMeets ASME B40.100 Standards Bourdon Tube #316 SSTELL TALE 1/4 NPT STAINLESS STEEL STEM MOUNT (2.5" DIAL) DialRangeDiameterPART No. (IN.) (P.S.I.) (kPa)PG-160SD25SS-MINP 2.5 0-160 0-1100How does the Accutek Tell-TalePressure Gauge work? Its simple. Place an Accutek Tell-Tale Pressure Gaugedirectly in the gauge port or after a regulator, before anappliance or even after teeing off the main supply line toensure that your customers are getting the correct amount ofpressure at each junction.Without picking up a tool, you canfind out if there is a problem with the pressure supply bysimply reading the difference between gauge needles.TRIDICATOR 1/4 NPT CENTER BACK MOUNT (2.5" DIAL)Dry GaugeSteel CaseAccuracy: 3% -2% -3% Connection: BrassBourdon TubeScrew-on Plastic FaceDialProbe Length RangeH PART No. Diameter A B C (P.S.I.) (kPa)PG-75/320TR25 2.5" 0.37" 1.62" 0.50" 0-75 0-500PG-75/320TR25-1 2.5" 1.43" 1.00" 0.50" 0-75 0-500PG-75/320TR25-1.6 2.5" 1.43" 1.62" 0.50" 0-75 0-500Operating Temperature: +60F to +320F,+16C to +160CTRIDICATOR 1/2 NPT CENTER BACK MOUNT (3.5" DIAL) ADialProbe Length Range Ft.1/2 NPT C PART No. Diameter A B C (P.S.I.) H 2 OPG-55/250CTR35-D 3.5" 1.14" 2.95" 0.91" 0-55 0-130B Operating Temperature: +70F to +250F,+21C to +121CSteel Rimmed ABSOther Temperature Ranges Available.210'