b'PROPANE GASRECREATIONAL VEHICLE ASSEMBLIESHose Approved To Conduct Natural Gas In A Gaseous State And Propane In Either ALiquid Or Gaseous State Up To 350 P.S.I. 50,000 BTU/Hr. Capacity Natural Gas. Q.D. Rated to 60 PSIG.PART No. GR-9984-KIT-1R.V. Regulator & Pigtail KitOther Lengths Available.Contains:212 Type I Pigtail Assemblies (I4C12MI4QCC)1R.V. Regulator with Mounting Bracket (GR-9984-U)C 1R.V. Regulator Protective Cover (GR-5984)13/8 Outlet Connection Flare Adapter (48-6C)R.V. GAS GRILL SIDE BURNER ASSEMBLIESPigtails and Flexible Hose Connectors for LP-GasSpecifically Designed for use in recreational vehicles thisassembly allows for the hook-up of any grill / applianceusing a disposable cylinder into your existing vehiclepropane gas Q.D. Coupler. Male R.V. Q.D. Hose HosePART No. Cylinder Nipple Length Type1/4 QDN I4C120MCQDN 1-20 1/4 120 RubberQUICKMC DISCONNECT1-20 MALE NIPPLECYLINDERTHREADFemale R.V. Q.D. Hose HosePART No. Flare Nipple Length TypeI4C18FS6QDN 3/8 1/4 18 Rubber3/8" FS 1/4" QDN I4C24FS6QDN 3/8 1/4 24 RubberS.A.E. FEMALE QUICK I4C30FS6QDN 3/8 1/4 30 RubberSWIVEL DISCONNECTNIPPLE I4TC18FS6QDN 3/8 1/4 18 ThermoplasticI4TC24FS6QDN 3/8 1/4 24 ThermoplasticI4TC30FS6QDN 3/8 1/4 30 ThermoplasticR.V. Q.D. R.V. Q.D. Hose HosePART No. Coupler Nipple Length TypeI4C60QDCQDN 1/4 1/4 60 Rubber1/4" R.V. QDN 1/4" R.V. QDN I4C72QDCQDN 1/4 1/4 72 RubberQUICK QUICKDISCONNECT DISCONNECTCOUPLER NIPPLE132'