b'LIQUID FILLED PRESSURE GAUGES Glycerin Liquid Gauge#304 Stainless Steel Case1.5% Full Scale Accuracy Ambient-Process Temp: - 4F To + 150F, -20C To +65CMeets ASME B40.100 StandardsWITH FACTORY FLANGE 1/4 NPTBRASS STEM MOUNT (2.5" DIAL)Afterinstallation Dial Rangelift plunger Diameterto vent PART No. (IN.) (P.S.I.) (kPa)gaugePG-30SGRF 4 0-30 0-200PG-100SGRF 4 0-100 0-700PG-100SGRFLT 4 0-100 0-700PG-160SGRF 4 0-160 0-1100VACUUM SERVICE 1/4 NPTBRASS STEM MOUNT (2.5" DIAL)For Dial Dia. RangePART No. (IN.) Vacuum (P.S.I.)PG-30SGV25 2.5 30-0 hgPG-30V30SG25 2.5 30-0 hg 0-30VACUUM SERVICE 1/4 NPT BRASSCENTER BACK MOUNT(2.5" DIAL)For Dial Dia. RangePART No. (IN.) Vacuum (P.S.I.)PG-30CGV25 2.5 30-0 hg(LT -76F To + 392F, -60C To +200C Low Temp) PG-30V30CG25 2.5 30-0 hg 0-30Brown Plug Signifies Low Temp Liquid MOUNTING BRACKETSFor Dial Dia.PART No. (IN.) DescriptionPG-MB25 2.5 2 Screw U-ClampPG-PM25 2.5 3 Hole Panel MountPG-RF4 4 3 Hole Panel MountBRASS SNUBBERPG-MB25 PG-PM252 SCREW U-CLAMP 3 HOLE PANEL MOUNT RangePART No. (P.S.I.) Pre-Assembled(For Use With Center Back (Only For Use With Center PG-SNUBBER* 0-10000 (Viscous Fluids 40um)H Or Stem Mount Gauges.) Back Mount Gauges.) Brass 1/4" Female x 1/4" Male Protects gauges from shock.PG-SNUBBERAmbient-Process Temp:- 65F To + 650F, - 54C To + 343CComplete with color coded interchangeable porosity elements.Standard factory element is 40 um. Follow instructions for replacingelement if required. (5 um, 10 um, 20 um, 25 um, 30 um) Suitable forWater, Air and Gasoline applications.* Conforms to requirements of MIL-D-2940AGAUGE PROTECTOR COVERFor Dial Dia.PART No. (IN.) Material ColorPG-RC25 2.5 Rubber BluePG-RC4 4.0 Rubber BluePG-RC25204'