b'CLAMPS AND ACCESSORIES PEX CLAMPS & CRIMP RINGS PEX TUBE SUPPORTSBENDSUPPORTPART No. PexPEX-BS-10 1/2ASTMF2098 PEX-BS-14 3/4STAINLESS STEELBLACK COPPERSTEPLESS CLAMPS CRIMP RING J-CLAMP(WITH NAIL)PART No. Pex PART No. PexHCPEX-8 3/8 HCPEX-8-BCR 3/8 PART No. PexHCPEX-10 1/2 HCPEX-10-BCR 1/2 PEX-JC-10 1/2HCPEX-12 5/8 HCPEX-14-BCR 3/4 PEX-JC-14 3/4HCPEX-14 3/4HCPEX-18 1AIR BRAKEHOSE SPACERSAIR BRAKE HOSE SUPPORTS Hose I.D.PART No. (IN.)HOSE SUPPORT HAB-HANGER-6 3/8Used in conjunction with hose HAB-HANGER-8 1/2support spring and truck to trailerE air brake line. (Page 6) AIR BRAKE HOSE SUPPORTSHose I.D.PART No. (IN.) (1 BOLT) HOSE SUPPORTHAB-SPW-HB One Size Used in conjunction with hosesupport spring.Hose I.D.HOSE SUPPORT SPRING KIT PART No. (IN.)HAB-HCE-6 3/8HAB-HCE-8 1/2STEEL REINFORCEDHeavy Duty(2 BOLT) HOSE SUPPORTAbrasionUsed in conjunction with hoseResistantsupport spring.CoverPART No. SizeHAB-HC2E-6 3/8 Hose I.D.U HOSE SUPPORTUsed in conjunction with hosesupport spring.PART No. SizeHAB-HCU-6 3/8 Hose I.D.(Complete Kit) Spring Length HAB-HCU-8 1/2 Hose I.D.PART No. (IN.) DescriptionHAB-SPRING-16.4-TKP 16.4 Spring, Protective Cover &HAB-SPRING-25-TKP 25 Hangers with Retail Packaging TIE STRAPSHAB-SPRING-16.4-TKP2 16.4 DOUBLE Spring, ProtectiveCover & Hangers with RetailHAB-SPRING-25-TKP2 25 Packaging Material: UL94-V-2 Nylon 6/6 (Natural)Temperature: -40F to 185FNOTE: Black cable ties and other(Spring Only) Spring Length lengths available on request.PART No. (IN.) DescriptionHAB-SPRING-13 13 Packaged Tie Tie Min. TensileSupport SpringHAB-SPRING-16.4 16.4 Only PART No. ByWidth Length StrengthHAB-SPRING-25 25 TIE-50-21-11/16 100 .189 21.69" 50 lbs.160'