b'FITTING CABINETSQUANTUM CABINETStand Alone Slider Cabinet(UP to 336 BINS)PART No.QS-305306-52 (Unassembled)QS-305306-52A (Assembled)QS-305-40 (Unassembled)QS-306-56 (Unassembled)QS-000 (Slider Frame only No bins)See below for bin configurations.This system features four individual panels filled with tipout bins of which two are fixed to the back side and twoslide easily from left to right allowing free access to all fourpanels. Manufactured of tough 14 gauge steel with puttypowder coat finish.Front Two UnitsOverall: SlideHeight 66-1/4 inchesWidth 48 inchesDepth 16 inchesQS-305306-52ABin Units Available:QTB-3099 Bin - 2-1/2L x 23-5/8W x 3-1/8HQTB-305QTB-306 5 Bin - 5-1/4L x 23-5/8W x 6-1/2H6 Bin - 3-5/8L x 23-5/8W x 4-1/2HCabinet is Supplied as shown withcustomizable Fairview bin front cards.(2 sizes only; for QTB-305 & QTB-306) QTB-3033 Bin - 7-3/4L x 23-5/8W x 9-1/2HQTB-3044 Bin - 6-5/8L x 23-5/8W x 8-1/8HSlider Cabinet Bin Configuration Chart Slider cabinet shownAlign (How many of each bin in the pre-configured set up) uses use just two binswith Dots sizes; QTB-305 and69-6D Bin Unit Bin Unit Total QTB-306. CustomCOMPRESSION PART No. QTB-305 QTB-306 BINS configurations are90 DEGREE ELBOWavailable. (Up to 336)TUBE TO MALE PIPE QS-305306-529 43 303K 3/8 TO 1/2Labels are available.264'