b'HYDRAULIC QUICK DISCONNECT COUPLINGSAGRICULTURAL (PIONEER 4000) INTERCHANGE Interchangeable with Pioneer 4000 series, Safeway S20and S40 series High strength steel construction Superior Poppet style valves Nitrile NBR seals with PTFE back-up ring Typical applications include agricultural equipment, graveltrucks anddump trucks.COUPLER SETMAXIMUM WORKING PRESSURE (PSI)1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4 1STEEL 5000 4350 3600 3600 3300VALVED COUPLER - STEEL VALVED NIPPLE - STEELFemale Sleeve FemalePART No. Body Size Pipe StylePART No. Body Size PipeQD-AGC4-4F 1/4 Coupler 1/4 One Way QD-AGN4-4F 1/4 Nipple 1/4QD-AGC6-6F 3/8 Coupler 3/8 One Way QD-AGN6-6F 3/8 Nipple 3/8QD-AGC8-8F 1/2 Coupler 1/2 Two Way QD-AGN8-8F 1/2 Nipple 1/2QD-AGC8-DMB 1/2 Coupler (Double Mounting Bracket) QD-AGN12-12F 3/4 Nipple 3/4QD-AGC12-12F 3/4 Coupler 3/4 One Way QD-AGN16-16F 1 Nipple 1QD-AGC16-16F 1 Coupler 1 One WaySize Dust Plug Dust CapACCESSORIES1/4 QD-PDP-10 QD-PDC-113/8 QD-PDP-13 QD-PDC-14G DUST PLUG 1/2 QD-PDP-14 QD-PDC-15 DUST CAP3/4 QD-PDP-20 QD-PDC-20 1 QD-PDP-23 QD-PDC-24SNOW PLOW QUICK DISCONNECTThis high quality economical coupler is at the center of everysnow plow replacement parts package. High strength steel construction. Coupler set maximum working pressure is 4000 P.S.I.Also ask us about. 1/4" S.A.E. 100R7 hose assemblies in various lengths andconfigurations. Steel hydraulic adapters and brass adapters to meet all yourfitting needs.Body FemalePART No. Description Size PipeQD-SP90 Snow Plow Set 1/4 1/4188'