b'AIR VENTS AND MUFFLERSLowprofilebreatherventsusedonsingleactingcylindersorvalvestopreventdirtandforeignparticlesfromenteringportsopentotheatmosphere.Alsousedforvacuumreliefinpressureequalization of gear boxes, crank cases, storage tanks or reservoirs.PART No. Pipe Maximum Operating Pressure: 300 P.S.I.BBV-A 1/8 Operating Temperature: +35F to +300F, +2C to +149CBBV-B 1/4 Sintered Bronze (40 micron)BBV-C 3/8BBV-D 1/2PART No. ORB O-Ring Boss ThreadBBV-ORB-6 9/16 - 18 Maximum Operating Pressure: 300 P.S.I.BBV-ORB-8 3/4 - 16 Operating Temperature: +35F to +300F, +2C to +149CSintered Bronze (40 micron)Exhaustmufflersutilizeporoussinteredbronzefilterelementsecuredtonickelplatedpipefittings.Used to diffuse air and muffle noise from the exhaust ports of air valves, air cylinders and air tools toanacceptablelevelwithinOSHAnoiserequirement. Alsousedasfiltersforgasoline,oilandairexhaust and intake.PART No. PipeBEM-A 1/8 Maximum Operating Pressure: 300 P.S.I.BEM-B 1/4 Operating Temperature: +35F to +300F, +2C to +149CBEM-C 3/8 Sintered bronze (40 micron)F BEM-D 1/2BEM-E 3/4Speed control mufflers provide an infinite variation of control of air flow at an acceptable sound levelon exhaust ports of air valves with complete safety.The speed of an operating cylinder or air tool maybe increased or decreased by adjusting the screw.Final position is then locked in place by the locknut.Objectionable exhaust air noise is eliminated by the surrounding sleeve of sintered bronze.PART No. Pipe Maximum Operating Pressure: 300 P.S.I.BSCM-A 1/8 Operating Temperature: +35F to +300F, +2C to +149CBSCM-B 1/4 Sintered Bronze (40 micron)BSCM-C 3/8BSCM-D 1/2Brass Air Vent. Set screw has 10/32 national fine thread.PART No. Pipe Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 P.S.I.WH-705 1/8 Operating Temperature: +35F to +300F, +2C to +149C184'