b'PROPANE TORCHESCONSTRUCTION:Cast iron head, single barber jet with flash protection,steel stem. Neoprene hand grip and needle valveBTU RATING: 208,000 BTU @ 30lbs. P.S.IPART No.:T95-B LENGTH:28 inchesCONSTRUCTION:Copper bronze head, single barber jet with flashprotection, steel stem. Neoprene hand grip and needlevalve.BTU RATING: 208,000 BTU @ 30lbs. P.S.IPART No.:T445LENGTH: 16 inchesCONSTRUCTION:Cast iron head, brass valve, orifice and bushings.1/2 Standard pipe manifold with comfort hand gripBTU RATING: 220,000 BTU @ 30lbs. P.S.IPART No.:W80LENGTH:26 inchesCONSTRUCTION:Welded Steel Heads, Brass Orifice, Needle Valve withSteel Stem and Non Slip Steel HandleBTU RATING: 375,000 BTU @ 40lbs. P.S.IPART No.:ST3 LENGTH:32 inchesFOR COMPLETE TORCH KITS AND OR TORCH ASSEMBLIES SEE PAGES 251 - 252Safety Tips for Hand-held Torches.Hand-held torches fuelled by 9.1-kg (20-lb) propane cylinders are used for many operationsin the roofing industry, such as melting snow and ice, drying roof decks, and heat sealing.1) Never leave torches ignited and unattended. J2) Make sure the cylinder is securely braced or tied so that it cant fall or be knocked over.3) Use only approved high-pressure hoses to connect torches to regulators.4) Operate the torch at the manufacturers recommended pressure.5) Never direct the flame at, near or toward the cylinder.6) Never use hand-held torches inside a building.249'