b'PROPANE GAS FITTINGSVALVED ACYLINDERADAPTERCONNECTOR Cylinder MaleINVERTED FLARE PART No. Thread Pipe TWO PIECETO MALE PIPE 2098 1"-20 Solid 1/4LAST CHANCEBB-2098 1"-20 Blister Boxed 1/4 CYLINDER ADAPTERInverted 2098SW 1"-20 Swivel 1/4PART No. Flare Pipe With Check Cylinder 148-4B 1/4 1/4PART No. Thread QCC1148CV-4B 1/4 With Check 1/42491 F. 1"-20 MaleBB-148CV-4B 1/4 With Check 1/4 BB-2491Blister BoxedBlister Boxed VALVED(Packaged X 2) CYLINDERSWIVELADAPTERCYLINDERPRIMUSBY Cylinder Male CYLINDERPROPANE PART No. Thread Pipe ADAPTERTHREAD 2098SW 1"-20 With Check 1/4 BB-2098SW 1"-20 Blister Boxed 1/4Cylinder PropanePART No. Thread Thread 1985 1"-20 9/16-18 LHPART No. Thread QCC11985P Bag Packaged 2399 1/4 NPT Male2093 1"-20 (With Check) 9/16-18 LHRESERVECYLINDERADAPTERCYLINDERPRIMUSCylinder BYPART No. Thread P.O.L.S.A.E.2097 F. 1"-20 FemaleFLAREBB-2097 Blister BoxedCylinderPART No. Thread Tube2091 1"-20 (With Check) 3/8 P.O.L. TO QCC1ADAPTERPROPANEMOTORFUEL FILLCYLINDER ADAPTER PART No. QCC1 P.O.L.PRIMUS 2087 Male MaleBY BB-2087 Blister BoxedFEMALE PART No. Female P.O.L. XPIPE 2017 1-3/4 ACME THREADCylinder ALLOWS A STANDARD P.O.L. FITTING TO BEPART No. Thread Pipe ADAPTED TO FILL AN ENGINE FUEL TANK.2092 1"-20 1/4 P.O.L. TOCYLINDERPRIMUSONE PIECE ADAPTERCYLINDER LAST CHANCE (With Handwheel)PRIMUS CYLINDERBY MALE ADAPTERPIPECylinderCylinderCylinder PART No. Thread QCC1 PART No. Thread P.O.L.PART No. Thread Pipe 2080 F. 1"-20 Male 2095 1"-20 Male2096 1"-20 (with check) 1/4 BB-2080Blister Boxed BB-2095 Blister Boxed45'