b'THREAD SEALANTSU.L. & U.L.C. LISTED PTFE PTFE THREAD SEALANT COMPOUNDTHREAD SEALANT TAPEThe ideal sealant for pipe threadTEMPERATURE RANGES:connections. It is non-toxic and will not -50F to +400F, -45C to +204Ccontaminate fluids or gases. ChemicallyBRUSHABLE TO: -50F, -46Cinert, it resists corrosive action of acids,alkalies and solvents. U.L. and U.L.C.PRESSURE RANGES:listed for Natural Gas (TO 1000 P.S.I.) GASES TO 2000 P.S.I.and Propane installations. LIQUIDS TO 8000 P.S.I. TEMPERATURE RANGE: -450F toMATERIAL USE: Brass and All Metal,+500F, -268C to +260C ABS, PVC, CPVC, NylonTape Length/RollNOTE: NOT SUITABLE FOR OXYGEN PART No. Width (IN.) BRUSH TOP TIN121-M8UL 1/2" 236121-M12UL 3/4" 236 TUBEPART No. Size Carton Qty.PTFE THREAD SEALANT TAPE TTS-2 2 oz. Tube 72TTS-4 4 oz. Tin 24TTS-8 8 oz. Tin 24The ideal sealant for pipe thread TTS-16 16 oz. Tin 12connections. It is non-toxic and will notcontaminate fluids or gases. Chemically CSA CERTIFIED THREAD SEALANT COMPOUNDinert, it resists corrosive action of acids,alkalies and solvents.TEMPERATURE RANGES: TEMPERATURE RANGE: -50F to +400F, -45C to +204C-450F to +500F, -268C to +260C BRUSHABLE TO: -50F, -46CINDUSTRIAL SEALANT TAPETape Tape Length/RollPRESSURE RANGES:PART No. Width Thickness (IN.) GASES TO 3000 P.S.I.121-M8 1/2" .003 480 LIQUIDS TO 6000 P.S.I.121-M12 3/4" .003 480MATERIAL USE: Brass and All Metal,121-M16 1" .003 480 ABS, PVC, CPVC, NylonHIGH DENSITY INDUSTRIAL SEALANT TAPENOTE: NOT SUITABLE FOR OXYGEN.Tape Tape Length/Roll CERTIFIED TO CSA NO. 4-90 US ANDPART No. Width Thickness (IN.) CAN/ULC-S642-M87 121-M8PINK 1/2" .004 540 METAL THREADS ONLY THROUGH 2 DIA.121-M12PINK 3/4" .004 540 BRUSH TOP TIN +125 F TO -40F 125 PSIG121-M16PINK 1" .004 540 FOR USE WITH NATURAL, PROPANE &BUTANE (VAPOR STATE) GASESONLY.METALLIC PTFE THREAD SEALANT TUBEMasters Metallic Compound is a heavy duty PART No. Size Carton Qty.pipe thread sealant of proven quality for use TTSG-2 2 oz. Tube 72on both metal and plastic thread connections. TTSG-4 4 oz. Tin 24TTSG-8 8 oz. Tin 24This all-weather product: Lubricates duringassembly - Never sets up hard - Can be LEAK DETECTION FLUID (LOW - TEMP)easily disassembled even after years ofservice. Masters Metallic Compound is non- Test It Before You Use It.corrosive and prevents galling and seizing. A low cost method of testing gas connections forIt will not dry out or harden in the container. leaks prior to use. Non-Corrosive. Halogen andJ BRUSH TOP Available in plain and brush-top. Masters Chloride Free.TINMetallic Compound effectively seals most Good for use inliquids and gases against leakage up to 6900 temperatures down to:kpa / 1000 psi and +700F, +371C. -40C / -40F.PART No. DESCRIPTIONPART No. Size Carton Qty. LD-8LT 8 OZ. Squirt BottleTTSM-8 8 oz. Tin 25TTSM-32 32 oz. Tin 6 Meets ASME Requirements 260'