b'GAS PIPING SYSTEMSGAS LOAD CENTERThe GAS-FLO Gas Load Center is the heart of a great gas piping system.GAS SYSTEM CABINETPART No. DescriptionGF-GLC Gas Load Cabinet(25-1/4 h x 4-1/4 d x 16-5/8 w)GF-GLC-BR L Manifold MountingBracket Only.GAS LOAD CENTER TYPICAL APPLICATION1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.GF-CSSTGFMAN-HD4 Black IronBV5221 Series GF48 Series 2 P.S.I.BV2103 Series GF-GLCTube Manifold Fittings Ball Valve CSST Regulator Ball Valve Gas Load(Page 62)(Page 63) (Page 40 - 42) (Page 54) Fittings (Page 8) (Page 54) Center(Page 63) (Page 65)The GAS-FLO Manifold (2) offers easy installation for gas supply lines.1. Used in conjunction with copper tube, black iron pipe, or GAS-FLOCSST flexible gas piping, it provides the homeowner with a top qualitygas supply system. This sample display shown has one ball valve (7)5. which can be used to shut off the main gas supply to the whole system.4.The individual supply lines can be installed with ball valves (4) so thehomeowner can shut off the gas supply to each appliance with ease.7. Ideally suited for new housing, renovations and retrofits. I6.2.CSST CSST Soft Jawtube cutter Pliers, ideal forcomplete with ring crimping.Stainless Steel (Page 100)cutting wheel8. (Page 100)3.233'