b'STAINLESS STEEL BRAIDED PTFE HOSE(MEDIUM PRESSURE SMOOTH BORE)PTFE hose can solve almost all problem applications.It issuitable for use with steam, solvents, fuels, hydraulic fluids,most chemicals and acids. Vibration absorption, extra long shelflife, high temperature and pressure ranges, make PTFE hosethe most versatile hose in the industry today. CONSTRUCTION: Braided Outer CoverS.A.E. 100R14TUBE: PTFE Inner Tube COVER: Stainless Steel (TYPE 304) TYPICAL USES INCLUDETEMPERATURE: -65F to + 450F, -54C to +232CC Pneumatic, hot oil lines, steam lines, food processing, paintPACKAGING: Bulk Coils - Random Lengthsspray, compressor discharge, gases, chemical lines, steeringFITTINGS: SCT400 One Piece Crimp (Page 82)lines, brake lines, high pressure hydraulic lines. SR400 Reusable End (Page 83)Working Min. Burst Min. BendActual I.D. Hose O.D. Pressure Pressure RadiusPART No. Nominal I.D. (IN.) (IN.) (P.S.I.) (P.S.I.) (IN.)HT-4 1/4 3/16 .30 3000 12000 1.50HT-5 5/16 1/4 .38 3000 12000 2.00HT-6 3/8 5/16 .44 2500 10000 3.50HT-8 1/2 13/32 .54 2000 8000 4.50HT-10 5/8 1/2 .63 1750 7000 5.00HT-12 3/4 5/8 .76 1500 6000 6.00HT-16 1 7/8 1.03 1000 4000 9.00HT-20 1-1/4 1-1/8 1.29 750 3000 16.00NOTE: WORKING PRESSURE RATED AT +70F, +21C. ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE WORKING PRESSURE.HOW TO ORDER CUSTOM FACTORY MADE PTFE HOSE ASSEMBLIES(STAINLESS STEEL BRAIDED COVER - BRASS ENDS)AIR BRAKE STRAIGHTCOMPRESSION TUBENote: When ordering elbow on assemblies please note measurements aremeasured from the center of elbow to opposite end of assembly.SAMPLE HOSE ASSEMBLY PART NUMBER HOSE END END SIZEFITTING CODE CODEAC AIRBRAKE SIZE CODEHT 6 C 120 AC 10 ST 10 COMPRESSION 1/4" 4FJ FEMALESWIVEL37(J.I.C.)FLARE 5/16" 5HOSE CODE FS FEMALESWIVEL 3/8" 645(S.A.E.)FLAREHOSE SIZEMI MALEINVERTED 1/2" 8TYPE CODE FLARESWIVELOVERALL LENGTH (IN.) MP MALEPIPE 5/8" 10HOSE END CODE 1 ST STRAIGHT TUBE 3/4" 12SIZE CODE 1 J5 45ELBOWSWIVEL37(J.I.C.)FLARE 1" 16HOSE END CODE 2SIZE CODE 2 J9 90ELBOWSWIVEL37(J.I.C.)FLARE110'