b'GAS HOSE ASSEMBLIESLOW TEMPERATURE PROPANE DELIVERY HOSEApproved To Conduct Natural Gas In A Gaseous StateAnd Propane In Either A Liquid Or Gaseous State Up To 350 P.S.I.Easy to handle Gas-Flo Type I delivery hose offers a high-gradeNeoprene cover that provides excellent ozone and abrasionresistance. The superior quality hose glides smoothly over anysurface and conducts gas in temperatures as low as-60F to +212F, (-51C to +100C).FOR L.P. DELIVERY TRUCKS.D.O.T. CERTIFICATE SUPPLIED BY FAIRVIEWCHose LengthPART No. MP MP I.D. Feet HoseI16C1200MP16MP16 1 1 1 100RubberI16C1500MP16MP16 1 1 1 125 RubberMP MP I16C1800MP16MP16 1 1 1 150RubberMALE PIPE THREAD MALE PIPE THREADCRYOFLEX LIQUID GAS SUCTION & DELIVERY HOSECode 0974 Butane / PropaneThis hose is made up of layers of terylene Polyester fabric andMelinex Polyester film, a combination which gives it remarkableinsulation. Crush resistance and reinforcement are achieved with acarbon steel inner spiral and mild steel outer spiral. The outercover of terylene assists in providing protection against abrasion.Ideal for tank truck and rail car loading and unloading of Butaneand Propane, sizes 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 2" are standard testedand tagged in accordance with the C.S.A.Temperaturesfrom -60F to +122F, (-51C to +50C)Maximum working pressure: 150 PSIHose LengthPART No. MP MP I.D. Feet HoseICR20C144MP20MP20 1-1/4 1-1/4 1-1/4 12TeryleneMP MP ICR20C720MP20MP20 1-1/4 1-1/4 1-1/4 60TeryleneMALE PIPE THREAD MALE PIPE THREADICR32C144MP32MP32 2 2 2 12TeryleneICR32C360MP32MP32 2 2 2 30TeryleneLPG VAPOR HOSENeoprene LPG vapor hose construction combines a smooth highquality neoprene tube with a continuous wire helix, a high tensilesynthetic fabric ply and smooth wrapped cover resulting in asuperior constructed hose that provides flexibility, durability andperformance. COLOR:Black PACKAGING:10FT or 50FT Coils TEMPERATURE: -30F to +260F, -34C to +127CInside Outside W.P. LengthNOTE: WORKING PRESSURE RATED AT +70F, +21C. PART No. Dia. Dia. P.S.I. FeetANY AMBIENT OR INTERNAL INCREASE INTEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE WORKING PRESSURE. VH-12-50 3/4 1-1/16 40 50VH-16-50 1 1-1/4 40 50TO BE INSTALLEDBY LICENSED GAS FITTERS ONLY.135'