b'PREMIER RUBBER HOSEThis high quality rubber hose provides maximum oil resistance andgreat cold weather flexibility. It is found in demanding applicationsin factories, construction, agriculture, quarries, mines, railroads, theoil and gas industry and ship building. Non-conductive; minimumelectrical resistance greater than one (1) megohm per inch of hoselength at 1000 Volts DC. CONSTRUCTION: TUBE: Nitrile (RMA CLASS A) COVER: Nitrile (RMA CLASS A) REINFORCEMENT: Spiral synthetic yarn COLOR: RED TEMPERATURE: -20F to +190F, -29C to +88C PACKAGING: Reels FITTINGS: Page 68 - 70CBEND PROTECTORS: Page 262Working ReelActual I.D. Hose O.D. Pressure LengthPART No. (IN.) (IN.) (P.S.I.) (FT.)RPH-4-REEL 1/4 .531 250 500RPH-6-REEL 3/8 .688 250 500RPH-8-REEL 1/2 .844 250 500 NOTERPH-10-REEL 5/8 1.012 300 500 WORKING PRESSURE RATED AT +70F+21C.ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNALRPH-12-REEL 3/4 1.140 250 500 INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILLRPH-16-REEL 1 1.500 300 450 LOWER THE WORKING PRESSURE.PREMIER RUBBER HOSE ASSEMBLIESThe RP Series of assemblies is constructed with RPH hose. Allassemblies have factory crimped ends with either B - 1/4, C - 3/8or D - 1/2 brass male pipe ends. Standard lengths are -25, 50, 75or 100ft. Suitable for a multitude of applications.COLOR: Red TEMPERATURE: -20F to +190F, -29C to +88C PACKAGING: Individually shrink wrapped with bar coded label. FITTINGS: Machined Brass Custom lengths available upon request.NOTEWORKING PRESSURE RATED AT +70F+21C.ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNALINCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILLLOWER THE WORKING PRESSURE.1/4 I.D. HOSE1/4 NPT ENDS 3/8 I.D. HOSE1/4 NPT ENDS 3/8 I.D. HOSE3/8 NPT ENDS 1/2 I.D. HOSE1/2 NPT ENDSWorking Working Working WorkingLength Pressure Length Pressure Length Pressure Length PressurePART No. (FT.) (P.S.I.) PART No. (FT.) (P.S.I.) PART No. (FT.) (P.S.I.) PART No. (FT.) (P.S.I.)RP4RED-25B 25 250 RP6RED-25B 25 250 RP6RED-25C 25 250 RP8RED-25D 25 250RP4RED-50B 50 250 RP6RED-50B 50 250 RP6RED-50C 50 250 RP8RED-50D 50 25088'