b'INDUSTRIAL BI-METAL THERMOMETERS1/2 NPT TAMPER PROOF (With Recalibration Screw) 304 Stainless Steel hermetically sealed Applications: thermometer.Suitable for HVAC, industrial, process and External recalibration screw. waste-water applications. Welded stem. 1/2 NPT standard connection.CBM - Fixed Centre Back Mount Anti parallax dial to reduce reading errors. ADJ - Adjustable Angle Dual scale (F & C). Back, bottom or adjustable angle connections.1% accuracy. ASME B40.200 compliant.ADJAdjustableAngleTemperature Dial Dia. StemPART No. Range (IN.) (IN.) StyleTH-250SS25C3-D 0F To 250F; -20C To 120C 3 2.5 CBMTH-250SS25ADJ3-D 0F To 250F; -20C To 120C 3 2.5 ADJTH-400SS25C3-D 50F To 400F; 10C To 200C 3 2.5 CBMTH-500SS25C3-D 50F To 500F; 10C To 260C 3 2.5 CBMTH-250SS4ADJ3-D 0F To 250F; -20C To 120C 3 4 ADJCBM TH-500SS4C3-D 50F To 500F; 10C To 260C 3 4 CBMCenter TH-250SS6ADJ3-D 0F To 250F; -20C To 120C 3 6 ADJBackMount TH-500SS6C3-D 50F To 500F; 10C To 260C 36 CBMTH-250SS25ADJ5-D 0F To 250F; -20C To 120C 5 2.5 ADJINDUSTRIAL THERMOWELLDESCRIPTION & FEATURES: APPLICATIONS:HAvailable in a wide range of materials for useAllows for the creation of a sealed system,on most applications. whereby the thermometer can be removed Standard stepped construction offering is from the application without the need for complemented by an array of customshutting down or draining the systemthermowells including: straight, tapered, To protect the thermometer from possible sanitary and flanged configurations exposure to the process media RoHS compliant (304 SS and 316 SSthermowells only) CRN registeredMale Female ForThread Thread StemPART No. (NPT) (NPT) (IN.) MaterialTH-TW25-DD 1/2 1/2 2.5 BrassTH-TW4-ED 3/4 1/2 4 BrassTH-TW6-ED 3/4 1/26 BrassAISI 304 SS, AISI 316 SS available upon request.212'