b'POLYETHYLENE MECHANICAL FITTINGS and RISERSCOUPLINGS: For joining two same diameters tube or pipe sizes.SDR /PART No.SIZE Wall MaterialPF-50100 1/2" CTS 090"PE4710 / PE3408PF-50030 3/4" IPS SDR11 PE4710 / PE3408PF-50103 1" CTS .099" / .103" PE4710 / PE3408PF-50601 1" IPS SDR11 PE4710 / PE3408PF-50035010 1-1/4" IPS SDR 9.3/10 PE4710 / PE3408PF-50361 1-1/2" IPS SDR11 PE4710 / PE3408PF-50314 2" IPS SDR11 PE4710 / PE3408REDUCING COUPLINGS: For joining two different diameter tube or pipe sizes.SDR / SDR /PART No.SIZE Wall SIZE Wall MaterialPF-50969 1/2"CTS .090" 3/4" IPS SDR11 PE4710 / PE3408PF-51432 1" IPS SDR11 3/4" IPS SDR11 PE4710 / PE3408PF-50343 1-1/4" IPS SDR 9.3 1" IPS SDR11 PE4710 / PE3408REPAIR COUPLINGS:In the event the tube or pipe has been damaged you can save 50 to 75% repair time compared to using oldfashion methods.Simply snip out the damaged area, clean and chamfer the tube or pipe, stab the repaircoupling on both ends, test for leaks - the job is complete.SDR / OVERALLPART No. SIZE Wall LENGTH MaterialPF-50640 1" IPS SDR11 12" LONG PE4710 / PE3408BLIND END CAPS: (CUT OFF END)This Blind End Cap is for closing the end of a service line with the ability to open the service line at a laterI time.When service is to be extended, simply cut along the clearly marked dotted line on the capped endand stab the new gas line into the mechanical coupling.SDR /PART No. SIZE Wall MaterialPF-50317 2"IPS SDR11 PE4710 / PE3408236'