b'FITTING CABINETSFAIRVIEW FITTING CENTERFairview Fitting Center(70 Drawers - 10 BINS)PART No. XC80-CAThis all new steel fitting center is the best of bothworlds, with 50 single and 20 double size clear plasticsliding drawers. It also has 10 bin compartments forlarger items. It is featured in Fairviews red, black andyellow colors.Its equipped with steel tubular legs that can safely holdthis Industrial cabinet. Large open bottom shelf foroverstock is also supplied. Note: Cards, Dividers and Label sets are notincluded in the price of the cabinet. Forsuggested product fitting packages contactyour local Fairview branch.Overall: XB80-CAHeight 61 inchesWidth 33-1/2 inches (No Legs or Shelf)Depth 18 inches Height 48-7/8 inchesWidth 31-1/2 inchesDepth 6-1/8 inchesStandard Drawer Dimensions:PART No. PD-110 Size: Width 2-3/4 inchesLength 5-3/4 inchesDepth 2-1/2 inchesDouble Drawer Dimensions:(Optional) 18PART No. PD-55 Size: Width 5-3/4 inchesLength 5-3/4 inchesDepth 2-1/2 inchesDouble size cabinetdrawers (PD-55)State PD-55 quantity requirementswhen ordering.PART No.ZZCOS-PD-110-CARD PART No.(Single) Durable plastic inserts forZZCOS-PD-55-CARDdividing drawers into(Double) sections allow you to Blank yellow drawer front totally customize yourcards are available. cabinet. Remove thePrinted on heavy duty protective blue film,card stock, just affix the affix the stickers andstickers and slide into Standard cabinet slide into place. Kplace. drawers (PD-110)265'