b'BRASS NEEDLE VALVES(FOR WORKING PRESSURE UP TO 150 P.S.I.)FLARE COMPRESSION PIPETube To ELBOW Male ToTube Tube To MaleMale PipePART No. TubePART No. Tube Pipe PART No. Pipe3042-4 1/4 3069-4A 1/4 1/83122-A 1/83042-6 3/8 3069-4B 1/4 1/4Lead Free 3122-B 1/43069-6B 3/8 1/4LF-3042-6 3/8 Lead FreeLF-3069-4A 1/4 1/8LF-3069-4B 1/4 1/4COMPRESSIONFLARE Poly TubeELBOW PIPE ToFemaleTube To To Poly TubeMale Pipe FemalePART No. TubePART No. Tube Pipe PART No. Pipe 3462-4 1/43049-4A 1/4 1/8 3103-A 1/8 3462-6 3/83103-B 1/4Lead FreeCOMPRESSION LF-3103-B 1/4COMPRESSIONTube ToPoly TubeTubePIPE ToFemale Male PipePART No. Tube To MaleF 3062-4 1/43062-5 5/16 PART No. Tube PipePART No. Pipe 3469-4A 1/4 1/83062-6 3/8 3120-A 1/8Lead Free 3120-B 1/4 Lead FreeLF-3062-4 1/4 Lead Free LF-3469-4A 1/4 1/8LF-3062-6 3/8 LF-3120-B 1/4 LF-3469-4B 1/4 1/4HUMIDIFIER WATER NEEDLE VALVE ASSEMBLIESNEEDLE NEEDLE VALVEVALVE ASSEMBLYASSEMBLY Complete With SteelClamp (Zinc Plated)Complete WithBrass Forged ClampPART No. DescriptionS3069-ST-4 Self Tapping AssemblyPART No. DescriptionS3069-4 For 1/4 O.D. Tube Assembly Packaged complete with insert, sleeve and instructions.Lead Free refers to the wetted surface of pipe, fittings and fixtures in potable water systems that have aweighted average lead content less than or equal to 0.25%. 172'