b'PROPANE GAS PIGTAIL AND HOGTAILSPIGTAILSCOPPER TUBE FOR PIGTAILS IS 1/4" O.D. BY .049 WALL.Propane gas copper pigtails and hogtails provide a flexible connection between the container valve and the regulator.P.O.L. P.O.L. P.O.L. 1/4" (7/16-24) P.O.L. 1/4" SHORT NOSE SHORT NOSE LONG NOSE SWIVEL MALE LONG NOSE SOLID Length(1-1/8 HEX NUT) INVERTED FLARE (7/8 HEX NUT) MALE PIPEPART No. (IN.) LengthCP-2012 12 LengthCP-2020 20 PART No. (IN.) PART No. (IN.)CP-2030 30 CP-2320 20 CP-2812 12CP-2036 36 CP-2348 48 CP-2820 20CP-2048 48D HOGTAILSP.O.L. P.O.L. P.O.L. 1/4" SOLIDLONG NOSE LONG NOSE SHORT MALE(1-1/8 HEX NUT) (1-1/8 HEX NUT) NOSE PIPEP.O.L. P.O.L.SHORT NOSE SHORT NOSELength LengthPART No. (IN.) PART No. (IN.) LengthCP-2120 20 CP-2412 12 PART No. (IN.)CP-2136 36 CP-2420 20 CP-2712 12CP-2148 48 CP-2430 30 CP-2720 20CP-2436 36 CP-2730 30CP-2736 36CP-2740 40CP-2748 48P.O.L. 1/4" (7/16-24) COPPER TUBE FORSHORT NOSE SWIVEL MALE P.O.L. P.O.L. HOGTAILS IS 3/8" O.D. BYINVERTED FLARE LONG NOSE LONG NOSE(7/8 HEX NUT) (7/8 HEX NUT) .049 WALL.LengthPART No. (IN.) LengthCP-2220 20 PART No. (IN.)CP-2230 30 CP-2520 20CP-2236 36 CP-2548 48INSULATED PIGTAILSCOPPER TUBE FOR PIGTAILS IS 1/4" O.D. BY .049 WALL.Designed specifically for use on Underground LP-Gas Containers where dielectric isolation is necessary to protect the container.Listed to UL569. NFPA 58 (Liquid Petroleum Gas Code), NFPA 58 A.6.6.1 (I) Paragraph 6, Check with your Local Authority Having Jurisdiction. P.O.L. P.O.L. P.O.L. 1/4" SOLID P.O.L. 1/4" (7/16-24)SHORT NOSE SHORT NOSE SHORT NOSE MALE PIPE SHORT NOSE SWIVEL MALEINVERTED FLARELengthLengthPART No. (IN.) PART No. (IN.) LengthCPIN-2012 12 CPIN-2412 12 PART No. (IN.)CPIN-2020 20 CPIN-2420 20 CPIN-2220 20148'