b'AIR HOSE ASSEMBLIESAIR ASSEMBLY WITH GLADHANDConnects directly to the Gladhand port on a truck cab. This assembly iscomplete with air chuck end which allows for the easy filling of tires.* Other Lengths Available.Actual WorkingHose I.D. Length PressurePART No. Type (IN.) (FT.) (P.S.I.)GHUGL6RED-50GHU-DF Superflex 3/8 50 300 BC-B-DF UniversalGL6YEL-50GHU-DF Superflex 3/8 50 300 Dual Foot Chuck GladhandCCONTRACTORS INDUSTRIAL P.V.C. AIR HOSE ASSEMBLIESHeavy-duty brass reusable ends and spring guard bend protectors makethese light weight uniquely blended P.V.C hose assemblies ideal forpneumatic nail guns and air powered industrial tools at the job site. COLOR: Red, Blue and Yellow TEMPERATURE: -15F to +150F, -26C to +66C PACKAGING: Individually shrink wrapped with bar coded Label. QUICK DISCONNECT: QD-TFM Series (Optional) Custom lengths available upon request.NOTEWORKING PRESSURE RATED AT +70F+21C.ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNALINCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILLLOWER THE WORKING PRESSURE.3/8 I.D. HOSE1/4 NPT ENDS 3/8 I.D. HOSE3/8 NPT ENDSWorking WorkingLength Pressure Length PressurePART No. (FT.) (P.S.I.) PART No. (FT.) (P.S.I.)PAR6RED-50B-SG 50 300 PAR6RED-50C-SG 50 300PAR6RED-100B-SG 100 300 PAR6RED-100C-SG 100 300PAR6BLU-50B-SG 50 300 PAR6BLU-100C-SG 100 300PAR6BLU-100B-SG 100 300PAR6YEL-100B-SG 100 300POLYURETHANE SELF-STORING AIR HOSE ASSEMBLIESThese polyurethane assemblies are produced using an ether based resin forbetter strength, flexibility and superior memory. This hose has excellentWorking resistance to water, chemicals, oxidation,Actual I.D. Swivel Length Pressure hydrolysis and ozone. It is kinkPART No. (IN.) Pipe (FT.) (P.S.I.) resistant, light weight and mobile.1936-4-12 1/4 1/4 12 125COLOR: Blue1936-4-15 1/4 1/4 15 125TEMPERATURE: -40F to +175F, 1936-4-20 1/4 1/4 20 125 -40C to +79C1936-4-25 1/4 1/4 25 125PACKAGING: Individually Bagged With Header /1936-4-50 1/4 1/4 50 125 Display Ready FITTINGS: 360 Working Male Pipe Swivels1936-6-12 3/8 3/8 12 125 Each End.1936-6-15 3/8 3/8 15 1251936-6-20 3/8 3/8 20 1251936-6-25 3/8 3/8 25 125NOTE1936-6-50 3/8 3/8 50 125 WORKING PRESSURE RATED AT +70F+21C.ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNALNOTE: 1936 SERIES SUPPLIED IN ASSEMBLIES ONLY.INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILLLOWER THE WORKING PRESSURE.94'