b'RECREATIONAL VEHICLE (RV) LP-GAS REGULATORSLOW PRESSURE TWO-STAGE LP GAS REGULATORSTheX-SERIES* model GR-9950 and GR-9959 regulator combines botha high pressure first stage and a low pressure second stage regulatorinto a single unit. Ideally designed for RV applications, these regulatorsensure a smooth and continuous flow of gas to all appliances.*Highest Flow Available in Cold Temps!Specifications Excess Flow Zinc Die Cast GR-9950 Molded Rubber Diaphragms CSA Listed to U.L. 144 2nd Stage Relief Mechanism Per U.L. 144 Adjusting Screw and Dust Cap DesignGR-9959 Powder CoatedVent CapacityPART No. Inlet Outlet Position BTU/Hr* PropaneGR-99501/4 FPT 3/8 FPT Above Outlet 225,000 BTU/Hr*GR-9959 9:00 VentGR-9950PGR-9950 complete with Retail Hanger Box PackagingGR-9959P GR-9959 complete with Retail Hanger Box PackagingGR-9954 GR-9959 regulator with Excess Flow P.O.L.GR-9956GR-9950 regulator with Excess Flow P.O.L.GR-9958 GR-9950 regulator with QCC1 (1-5/16 F. Acme)GR-900 Z Mounting BracketGR-RVB RV Mounting BracketGR-5950 Protective Cover for GR-9950GR-5959 Protective Cover for GR-9959*Based on 25 PSIG inlet pressure and 9" W.C. outlet pressure at Manufacturer\'s set point.Manufacturer\'s set point = 100 PSIG and 11" W.C. outlet at 40 SCFH propane.GR-900IGR-RVBGR-5959 GR-5950 GR-9954215'