b'PUSH-TO-CONNECT D.O.T. AIR BRAKE FITTINGS(FOR D.O.T. AIR BRAKE TUBE 1485)D.O.T. RECOGNIZED FOR ALL AIR BRAKE APPLICATIONS EXCEPT THOSE FOR USE BETWEENFRAME AND AXLE OR BETWEEN TOWED AND TOWING VEHICLES.ATEE TEE TEEEnds TubeEnds Tube Ends Tubeand Center CenterMale Pipe Male PipeFemale PipeCenter Tube PART No. Tube PipePART No. Tube Pipe PC1478-4A 1/41/8 PART No. Tube Pipe PC1472-4A 1/41/8PC1478-4B 1/41/4 PC1472-4B 1/41/4PC1478-6B 3/81/4PC1471-4A 1/4 1/8 PC1471-4B 1/4 1/4PC1472-6A 3/81/8 PC1471-6B 3/8 1/4PC1472-6B 3/81/4 PC1471-6C 3/8 3/8PC1472-6C 3/83/8 PC1472-8B 1/21/4TEEPC1471-8C 1/2 3/8 Ends TubePC1472-8C 1/23/8Center FemalePipe Swivel TEETEEEnds Tube Ends Tube PART No. Tube Pipeand Male Pipe PC1478SW-4A 1/41/8 Center Male PC1478SW-6B 3/81/4Swivel Pipe SwivelCenter TubePART No. Tube PipePART No. Tube Pipe PC1472SW-4A 1/41/8TUBEPC1471SW-4A 1/41/8 PC1472SW-4B 1/41/4INSERTPC1471SW-4B 1/41/4 PC1472SW-6B 3/81/4 PC1471SW-6B 3/81/4 PC1472SW-6C 3/83/8 PC1471SW-6C 3/83/8 PC1472SW-8B 1/21/4PART No. TubePC1471SW-8C 1/23/8 PC1472SW-8C 1/23/8PC1400-4 1/4 PC1471SW-8D 1/21/2 PC1472SW-8D 1/21/2 PC1400-6 3/8 PC1400-8 1/2 BRASS PUSH-TO-CONNECT FITTINGS ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSPUSH-TO-CONNECT FITTINGS FEATURE A LABOR SAVING FULL FLOW DESIGN THAT REQUIRES NO TOOLS.Temperature Range -40F to 225F (-40C to 107C)TO CONNECT TUBE: TO DISCONNECT TUBE:Cut tube as squarely as With thumb and forefinger, holdpossible. Insert tube end into down the top of the insertfitting, slide the I.D. of the tube against the fitting body and then,over the tube support until with the other hand, pull out thefriction is felt as tube slides past tube. No tools are needed.the O-ring. Using a slighttwisting motion while insertingthe tube is often helpful. Afterthis initial friction is felt, continueto push in the tube until itbottoms firmly against theinternal tube support.BRASS D.O.T. AIR BRAKE FITTINGS ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSUSE WITH 1485 TUBE Tube Additional Full Turns1. Cut tube squarely. Size from Hand Tight.2. Slide nut and then sleeve onto tube. 1/4" 33. Insert tube fitting until it bottoms on seat. 3/8", 1/2", 4. Hand tighten and mark body. 4and 5/8"5. Full clockwise wrench turns as per chart. 3/4" 3-1/239'