b'WATER HOSE FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIESR.V. WATER REGULATOR DISHWASHER INLET WATER CONNECTIONA^INCLUDES EPDM WASHER.COMPRESSION NUT & SLEEVE Lead-Free Design Keeps outlet pressure at 55 psi Highest water flow available PART No. DESCRIPTION Screened washer filters debris Fits all standard water hose and riser connections DWF-6 Female Water Hose X Heavy-Duty impact resistant design 3/8 CompressionPART No. Description DWF-6P Female Water Hose XWR-RV55 FEMALE WATER HOSE TO3/8 CompressionMALE WATER HOSE (Retail Packaged) REGULATORBRASS WATER HOSE (GARDEN HOSE) ACCESSORIESWATERLINE STRAIGHTAIR DRAIN Y COUPLINGS COUPLINGVALVE Male HoseMale Hose ToTo Female HosePART No.Description Female Hose204 HEX KNURLED CAP PART No. StyleNUT TO AIR VALVE 202-WV VALVED PART No. Style202-W PLAIN 199-WV VALVEDIdeally suited for Recreational Vehiclewinter prep.PRESSURE WASH HOSE ADAPTERSPART No. Pipe Size PART No. Pipe Size PART No. Pipe SizeQD-KARCHER-6F 3/8 FPT X M22 X 1.5 QD-KARN-6F 3/8 FPT X M22 X 1.5 B1120-CC-3000 3/8 MPT X 3/8QD-KARCHER-6M 3/8 NPT X M22 X 1.5 QD-KARN-6M 3/8 NPT X M22 X 1.5 FPT Swivel USED TO ADAPT STANDARD PRESSURE WASH HOSES TO KARCHER STYLE EQUIPMENTABOVE PRESSURE 3000 PSI brass swivel: designed for use withWASH COUPLINGS COME WITH EPR O-RING GOOD FOR HOT WATER UP TO 200F PRESSURE RATING: 4000 PSI pressure wash assemblies.BRASS WATER HOSE (GARDEN HOSE) QUICK DISCONNECTSPART No. DESCRIPTIONQD-WHCF Quick Disconnect PART No. DESCRIPTIONCoupler X QD-WHNM Quick Disconnect Water Hose Thread Nipple XWater Hose ThreadQD-WHVCF Valved QD Coupler XWater Hose Thread TO BE USED WITH DOMESTIC (CITY) WATER SUPPLYWATER NOZZLES SEE PAGE 25644'