b'S.A.E. HYDRAULIC HOSEMEDIUM PRESSURE (Non-Conductive) HOSEFor medium pressure hydraulic service in the handling of most hydraulicfluids, diesel fuels, water and lubricating oils.Not suitable for use withphosphate esters.This hose combines the best features of conventionalrubber hose with the unique advantages of synthetic materials. CONSTRUCTION: High tensile strength fiber reinforcement Braided Synthetic fiber. CS.A.E. 100R7TUBE: Oil and heat-resistant nylon inner tube. COVER: Resistant polyurethane non-pin pricked coverMeet or Exceeds SAE J517TEMPERATURE: -40F to +200F, -40C to +93CExceeds 100R7 Impulse RequirementsPACKAGING: Reels Lightweight and FlexibleCOLOR: Orange, NON-CONDUCTIVE Marking FITTINGS: SC700 (for 1/4 size Page 84) , SCTP (Page 86) * S.A.E. WORKING PRESSURES SHOWNNominal Working Min. Burst Min. Bend Weight ReelHose I.D. Hose O.D. Pressure Pressure Radius / 100 Ft. LengthsPART No. (IN.) (IN.) (P.S.I.) (P.S.I.) (IN.) (LBS.) (FT.)HR7-2ORA-REEL 1/8 0.322 3000 12,000 0.753 250HR7-4ORA-REEL 1/4 0.496 2750 11,000 1.50 6 250HR7-5ORA-REEL 5/16 0.580 2500 10,000 1.75 8 250HR7-6ORA-REEL 3/8 0.650 2250 9,000 2.00 11 250HR7-8ORA-REEL 1/2 0.834 2000 8,000 3.00 16 250MEDIUM PRESSURE TWIN-LINE (Non-Conductive) HOSEFEATURES: Low ElongationBest Value 100R7 HoseTYPICAL APPLICATIONS:For use with General HydraulicsMaterialHandlingForkliftHigh Pressure Gas TransferChemical Transfer CONSTRUCTION: Braided synthetic fiber reinforcement TUBE: Nylon-lined core tube COVER: Resistant polyurethane non-pin pricked cover COLOR: Orange, NON-CONDUCTIVE markingS.A.E. 100R7TEMPERATURE: -40F to +200F, -40C to +93CMeets or Exceeds S.A.E. J517FITTINGS: SCTP (Page 86)SpecificationsNominal Min. Bend Working Min. Burst Approx. ReelHose I.D. Hose O.D. Radius Pressure Pressure Wgt./Ft. LengthPART No. (IN.) (IN.) (IN.) (P.S.I) (P.S.I.) (LBS.) (FT.)HR7TW-6ORA-REEL 3/8 .650 2 2,250 9,000 .130 250119'