b'FAIRVIEW FITTING CABINETSFAIRVIEW FITTING CENTERStand Alone Storage Cabinet(Up to 110 Drawers)PART No. XC110-CAThis steel cabinet has 110 clear plastic sliding drawers,each with the option of dividing into 4 compartments. Itis featured in Fairviews red, black and yellow colors.Its equipped with steel tubular legs that can safely holdthis Industrial cabinet. Large open bottom shelf foroverstock is also supplied.Note: Label sets are not included with the cabinet. XB110-CAFor suggested product fitting packages see (No Legs or Shelf)page 270. Height 41-3/4 inchesWidth 31-1/2 inchesOverall: Depth 6 inchesHeight 61 inchesWidth33-1/2 inchesDepth 18 inches Standard Drawer Dimensions:PART No. PD-110 Size: Width 2-3/4 inchesLength 5-3/4 inchesDepth 2-1/2 inchesStandard cabinetdrawer is the Double Drawer Dimensions:(Optional)PD-110. PART No. PD-55 Size: Width 5-3/4 inches<<< Length 5-3/4 inchesDouble size Depth 2-1/2 inchescabinet drawers(PD-55) areState PD-55 quantity requirements 18when ordering.PD-110 available.COMPACT FAIRVIEW FITTING CENTERCounter / Wall MountingDrawer Cabinet(Up to 20 Drawers)PART No. XB20-CAThis cabinet has 20 drawers, each one with the capability ofdividing into 4 separate compartments. It is featured inFairviews red, black and yellow colors.Overall:Height 16 inchesWidth 17 inchesDepth 6 inchesNote: Label sets are not included with the cabinet. ForK suggested product fitting packages see page 268.For drawer dimensions see above.266'