b'L.P. ADAPTERS, CONNECTORS AND VALVESVALVES FOR CYLINDER P.O.L. FILLER ADAPTERCHARGING HOSES AQUICK ACTING TOGGLE VALVES MALE SOFT NOSE P.O.L. x MALE PIPEThese valves are designed for useprimarily on cylinder filling operations Brassand industrial applications where quick Nippleand precise on and off opening isnecessary.Positive shut-offOne hand operation With Non corrosive brass constructionO-RingLocking and non locking handle. PART No. Description PART No. Description2360 1/2" F.NPT x 1/4" F. NPT2490 1/4" NPT x 6" Over All LengthPLASTIC ACME CAPS BRASS FILLER COUPLINGS23092320 2330PART No. Description2309 1-3/4" Female Acme Cap - Yellow PlasticPART No. DescriptionFILLER HOSE ADAPTERS 2320 2-1/4" F. Acme x 1-1-4" M.NPTFiller Coupling - Brass Nut/Brass NippleThese adapters are intended to be attached to the LP-gas 2330 3-1/4" F. Acme x 2" M.NPTdelivery truck hose outlets. All have minimal flow restriction Filler Coupling - Brass Nut/Steel Nipplewhich allows for fast delivery and also gives the user theability to remove the filler hose in the event that the valve BRASS VAPOR COUPLINGSfails to close. In the event of a filler valve failure theintegral check valve prevents loss of product.23412368 * 23722370 PART No. Description2341 1-1/4" F.Acme x 1/2" M.NPT Vapor Return ValveBRASS MALE ACME x FNPT ADAPTERS2410PART No. Description2368* 1-3/4" Female Acme x Female POL2370 1-3/4" Female Acme x 1"-3/4" Male Acme, Non Swivel2372 1-3/4" Female Acme x 1"-3/4" Male Acme PART No. Description* Primarily used where fill operation and connections have limited access, allowing for use onsmaller POL type fill valve assembly 2410 1-3/4" Male Acme x 1/4" F.NPT49'