b'AIR BRAKE FIELD KITSPART No. ABFR-KIT-HAB (AIR BRAKE HAB HOSE REPAIR KIT) ADesigned for use in the field, this kit includes a selection of items to complete Kit Dimensionsmany temporary air brake hose repairs. Single sided carry case, with handle.Height: 12.0 In.D.O.T. Air Brake Hose Repair Kit Selection:Width: 14.5 In.PART No. Description Qty. PART No. Description Qty. Depth: 2.375 In.HAB-6-CUT DOT air brake hose 3/8 16 In. 1492SW-8 DOT swivel coupler 1/2 1HAB-8-CUT DOT air brake hose 1/2 16 In. 4134-6B Hose connector 3/4-20 1/4 2110-CB Bushing 3/8-1/4 2 4134-6C Hose connector 3/4-20 3/8 2110-DC Bushing 3/8-1/4 2 4134-8C-WH Hose connector 7/8-20 3/8 2121-M8 Sealant 1 4134-8D-WH Hose connector 7/8-20 1/2 21492-6S DOT air brake splicer 3/8 1 TK-1 Thumb knife 11492-8S DOT air brake splicer 1/2 1 ABFR-BOX-1 11492SW-6 DOT swivel coupler 3/8 1AIR BRAKE HOSE MENDERS & QUICK SERVICE KITSFairviews Patented Hose Mender Repair KitDesigned for use with Type A, AI & AII SAE J1402 Air Brake Hose this kit includes two hose couplers andan Allen Wrench to make fast air brake hose repairs anywhere. Complete with assembly instructions.Swivel Min. HosePART No. Description Pipe Hose O.D. 4120R-6C-RK Carded Repair Kit 3/8 3/8 .7504120R-6D-RK Carded Repair Kit 1/2 3/8 .7504120R-8C-RK Carded Repair Kit 3/8 1/2 .875(MALE TO FEMALE COUPLER)4129R-6-RK-BAG Bagged Splicer Kit3/8 3/8 .750 Patent 4129R-8-RK-BAG Bagged Splicer Kit 1/2 1/2 .875 D759,216 D760,876Fairviews Quick Service Repair KitAllows you to repair or custom build hose assemblie(s) to your customersneeds, in minutes.PART No. HABR-KIT-6 3/8 I.D.Kit Includes:Qty. Size Description20 3/8 X 3/8 NPT Hose Menders (10 Sets of 4120R-6C-RK)10 3/8 X 1/2 NPT Hose Menders(5 Sets of 4120R-6D-RK)50 Ft. 3/8 I.D.Air Brake Hose (In A Dispenser Carton)PART No. HABR-KIT-8 1/2 I.D.Kit Includes:Qty. Size Description20 1/2 X 3/8 NPT Hose Menders (10 Sets of 4120R-8C-RK) Allen wrench supplied50 Ft. 1/2 I.D.Air Brake Hose (In A Dispenser Carton)with each kit.BRASS D.O.T. AIR BRAKE HOSE COUPLINGSFor NylonCOUPLER ASSEMBLY SWIVEL COUPLER ASSEMBLYWITH SPRING GUARD WITH SPRING GUARD For Copper(NUT, SLEEVE, COUPLER AND SPRING) (NUT, SLEEVE, COUPLER AND SPRING) TERMINAL BOLT (STEEL)PART No. For Hose I.D. Pipe PART No. For Hose I.D. Pipe For Nylon For Hose1493-6B 3/8 1/4 1493SW-6 3/8 PART No. Tube O.D. I.D1493-6C 3/8 3/8 1493SW-8 1/2 1499N-6 * 3/8 3/81493-6D 3/8 1/2 1493SW-6B * 3/8 1/4 * Complete with 1461 series nut.1493-8C 1/2 3/8 1493SW-6C * 3/8 3/8 For Copper For Hose1493-8D 1/2 1/2 1493SW-8C * 1/2 3/8 PART No. Tube O.D. I.D.* Complete with 4134 series adapter. 1499-6 3/8 3/841'