b'WATER HOSE FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIESSWIVEL WATER Female HoseCONNECTOR PLUG To AHose Barb Male PipeToFemale Hose PART No.206-WP (Square Head Plug) PART No. Pipe199-D 1/2HEX NUT (201-H)199-E 3/4PART No. Hose I.D.195-6 3/8195-8 1/2195-10 5/8 COUPLING195-12 3/4 HEX-KNURL CAP NUT Male Hose195-16 * 1* 1" NPS - 11-1/2 T.P.I. ToPART No.200-HKC (With Chain) Female PipePART No. PipeSWIVEL 197-B 1/4COUPLING 197-C 3/8Female Hose197-D 1/2Both EndsCONNECTOR 197-E 3/4Hose Barb PART No.To 203-W Water ThreadMale Hose COUPLINGMale HosePART No. Hose I.D.193-6 3/8 SWIVEL To193-8 1/2 COUPLING Male Pipe193-10 5/8 Female Hose193-12 3/4 To PART No. Pipe193-16 * 1 Female Pipe1" NPS - 11-1/2 T.P.I. 196-C 3/8*PART No. Pipe 196-D 1/2199S-D 1/2 196-E 3/4199S-E 3/4Lead Free Lead FreeLF-199S-D 1/2 LF-196-E 3/4SWIVEL COUPLING(FLAT (FLAT (FLAT CONNECTORSTYLE) STYLE) STYLE) Female Hose Male HoseGHWGHW-EPDMGHW-S To ToMale PipeMale HosePART No.GHW GARDEN HOSE WASHER PART No. PipeGHW-EPDMEPDM WASHER 194-B 1/4 PART No. DescriptionGHW-S STAINLESS STEEL 194-C 3/8 196-WMALE HOSE TO MALE HOSESCREENED WASHER 194-D 1/2FAIRVIEW COUPLINGRETAILCARDED STOCK Female HoseAVAILABLE ON ToSELECTED ITEMS Female Pipe200-W 201-HPART No. PART No. Pipe200-W KNURLED CAP NUT 198-D 1/2201-H OPEN HEX NUT 198-E 3/443'