b'PROPANE GAS FITTINGSTAILPIECEA ASSEMBLYWITHHEX HEAD EXCESS FLOW(Nut & Stem) TAILPIECEHARD NOSE(NO O-RING) SWIVEL TESTASSEMBLY PORT ADAPTERPART No. Thread O.A.L. 2002-H-HN 1/4 NPT 2" WITH O-RING Swivel POL to POL ConnectionPART No. Thread O.A.L.with #54 / 1/8 FPT Test Port2003-T 1/4 NPT 2-3/8"BB-2003-TBlister BoxedPART No. Thread O.A.L. TAILPIECE2026-#54 9/16-18 L.H. 3-5/8"COUPLING(SOLID)HARD NOSE(NO O-RING)PART No. Thread O.A.L.COUPLING2014-D 1/2 NPT 2" P.O.L. BYHIGH FLOW Female PIPETAILPIECEASSEMBLY PART No. PipeRESTRICTED 1.9 G.P.M. 2008-B 1/4FLOW C-2008-B CardedTAILPIECE HARD NOSE(NO O-RING)ASSEMBLYPART No. Thread O.A.L. 2003-T-HN-HF 1/4 NPT 2-3/8WITH O-RINGBB-2003-T-HN-HF Blister BoxedCOUPLINGPART No. Thread O.A.L. Female P.O.L.2003-T-GH-60 1/4 NPT 2"BY(#60 ORIFICE HOLE WITH O-Ring HEX-HEAD)MALE PIPETAILPIECE PART No. PipeASSEMBLY 2011-B 1/4COUPLING 2011-D 1/2P.O.L. BY WITH O-RING 2011-E 3/4S.A.E. FLAREPART No. Thread O.A.L. WITH O-RING 2018-L 9/16-18 L.H. 2-1/2"PART No. Tube COUPLING2005-6 3/8 Female P.O.L.C-2005-6 Carded BY2005-8 1/2 Female PIPEEXCESS FLOWTAILPIECE PART No. PipeASSEMBLY 2016-B 1/42016-D 1/2TAILPIECEASSEMBLY WITH O-RINGWITH O-RING PART No. Thread O.A.L. PART No. Thread O.A.L.2019-L 9/16-18 L.H. 2-3/8" P.O.L.2002 1/4 NPT 2-1/2" NUTPART No. Hex For2002-A 7/8" 1/8 NPT stem2002-B 7/8" 1/4 NPT stemTAILPIECEASSEMBLY RIGID TESTWith Handwheel PORT ADAPTERP.O.L.Rigid POL to POL Connection CAP NUTWITH O-RING with #54 / 1/8 FPT Test PortPART No. Thread O.A.L. 2002-HW 1/4 NPT 2-1/2" PART No.PART No. Thread O.A.L. O.A.L.- OVERALL LENGTH IN INCHES 2020-#54 9/16-18 L.H. 2-1/2" 200446'