b'S.A.E. - J318 GLADHANDSGHM SERIES (Rear & Bottom Mounting) GH SERIES (Standard Style)-SCScreenSeal(Plug & Gasket Included) PART No. Pipe Size Type Color CodeGHU 1/2 FPT Universal PlainPART No. Pipe Size Type Color Code GHE 1/2 FPT Emergency RedGHM-E3/8 FPT Emergency Red GHS 1/2 FPT Service BlueGHM-S 3/8 FPT Service BlueGHM Series With Screen Seal GH Series With Screen SealPART No. Pipe Size Type Color CodePART No. Pipe Size Type Color Code GHU-SC 1/2 FPT Universal PlainGHM-E-SC 3/8 FPT Emergency Red GHE-SC 1/2 FPT Emergency RedGHM-S-SC 3/8 FPT Service Blue GHS-SC 1/2 FPT Service BlueSWING AWAY GLADHAND GH Series With Umbrella SealPART No. Pipe Size Type Color CodeGHU-2 1/2 FPT Universal PlainRotates GHE-2 1/2 FPT Emergency RedFull 180 GHS-2 1/2 FPT Service BlueF DegreesGHV (Valved) SERIES(Coupled With Pacifier)PART No. Pipe Size Type Color CodeGHU-SW 3/8 FPT Swing Away PlainGHE-SW 3/8 FPT Swing Away RedGHS-SW 3/8 FPT Swing Away BlueREPLACEMENT SEALSGH-SEAL GH-SEAL-2 GHV Series With BulkheadGHV (Valved) SeriesSTANDARD WITH SCREEN UMBRELLABottom Back ColorPART No. Type Color Code PART No. Pipe Size Pipe Size Type CodeGH-SEAL Rubber Black GHV-E 3/8 FPT 1/4 FPT Emergency RedGH-SEAL-2 Rubber Umbrella Seal Black GHV-S 3/8 FPT Service BlueGHE-SEAL Polyurethane Red Bulkhead ColorGHE-SEAL-SC Polyurethane with Screen Red PART No. Pipe Size Type CodeGHS-SEAL Polyurethane Blue GHV-E-BH 3/8 F - 3/4 M Emergency RedGHS-SEAL-SC Polyurethane with Screen Blue GHV-S-BH 3/8 F - 3/4 M Service Blue182'