b'POLYETHYLENE MECHANICAL FITTINGS and RISERSBRACKETS:The Remote Meter Support Systems, Wall Brackets and Universal Brackets are constructed of11 - gauge hot rolled commercial quality steel for corrosion-proof above and below ground use.They are coated in a thin film of gray epoxy.Even the washers, bolts and nuts are cadmiumplated.All parts are packaged for easy storage and handling.Nominal PART No. SIZE DESCRIPTION BUILDINGOFFSETPF-74506 4"PF-74500 3/4" - 2 Wall 6"IPS Brackets 9"PF-74440 3/4" - 2" IPS Universal Mount AdjustableBracket KitCHAMFERING TOOLS:Used for cutting a bevel on the end of the PE tube for easier insertion of permasert fittings.They workwith the same principal as the old fashion pencil sharpener.You will note the chamfering tools for the 1/2"size have dual ends so one tool fits two different sizes of tube.PLASTIC CUTTERS:(SNIPPERS)There are two types, the simple scissor type for tube sizes 1/2" to 1".The super snippers ratchet type fortube up to 2" IPS.Both cutters can be used for various pipe or tube, they make clean cuts producing noparticles which may clog orifices.PART No. DESCRIPTION SIZEPF-51005 CHAMFERING TOOL 1/2" CTS X 1" CTSPF-51016 CHAMFERING TOOL 1/2" CTS X 3/4" IPSPF-51009 CHAMFERING TOOL 1" IPS X 3/4" IPSPF-51028 CHAMFERING TOOL 1-1/4" IPS X 1-1/4" CTSPF-51040 CHAMFERING TOOL 2" IPSPF-55227PLASTIC CUTTER (Replaces PF-55291) 1/8" TO 2" IPS PEDIELECTRIC UNIONS:Dielectric Unions are used in commercial and residential applications to prevent accelerated corrosion andI deterioration in the piping system due to galvanic and stray current. It is installed between pipes madefrom dissimilar metals, and features a female iron pipe thread to female brass pipe thread connection. Itconsists of a union nut, two tailpieces, and a gasket that separates the tailpieces to prevent an electriccurrent from occurring. Ideal in applications such as hot water storage tanks, water and air conditioners,processing tanks, steam, gas, and water piping. Maximum Pressure: 250 psi.PART No. DESCRIPTION SIZEPF-DU-104-E DIELECTRIC UNION FPT X FPT 3/4PF-DU-104-H DIELECTRIC UNION FPT X FPT 1240'