b'PUSH-FIT PLUMBING WATER VALVESNSF 61 NSF 61 NSF 61INCH POLYPROPYLENE ANGLE VALVE INCH POLYPROPYLENE SHUT-OFF VALVE INCH ACETAL SHUT-OFF VALVEThe ASVPP Range of inch-size Angle Stop The PPSV Range of Shut-Off Valve is offered for The PISV Range of Inch-size Shut-Off Valves isAdapter Valves is offered in white polypropylene tube sizes 1/4 o.d.and 3/8 o.d. produced in available in 3/8" and 1/2" tube O.D. size. The Valvewith food grade EPDM o-rings. Our Angle Stop polypropylene and fitted with EPDM O-rings. is manufactured in gray acetal copolymer with aAdapter Valve connects between your valve and Polypropylene has the advantage of being more nitrile o-ring. The valves are available with longriser, to the main water supply line, for applications chemically resistance than acetal. and short handles to operate a 1/4 turn off action.in Reverse Osmosis, Filtration Systems, AutomaticCoffee Brewers, Ice Makers and many more.The valves are for use with potable water. For useThe valves are not to used with compressed air, with other potable liquids please contact our Shut-Offexplosive gases, petroleum spirits and any other technical support Department for guidance. 1/4 Turn Valvefuels, or heating systems. (Speed-fit)The valves are not to used with compressed air,FOR COLD WATER SUPPLY USE ONLY. explosive gases, petroleum spirits and any otherWorking Pressure and Temperatures fuels, or heating systems.Water Max. 150 psi @ 70F (10 Bar AT 20C)Working Pressure and Temperatures PART No. Size TubeMax. 60 psi @ 140F (4 Bar AT 60C)PISV0412S 3/8 (LONG HANDLE)Min.33F / 1CWater Max. 150 psi @ 70F (10 Bar AT 20C)PPSV0412CS 3/8 (SHORT HANDLE)Max. 60 psi @ 140F (4 Bar AT 60C)PISV0416S 1/2 (LONG HANDLE)Min.33F / 1C Angle StopAdapter1/4 Turn Valve Shut-Off(Compression) 1/4 Turn Valve(Speed-fit - Male)PART No. Size Tube X Comp SHUT-OFFASVPP1LF 1/4-M. 3/8 - F. 3/8 VALVEASVPP2LF 3/8-M. 3/8 - F. 3/8PART No. Size Tube X NPTFAngle Stop PPSV010822W 1/4X 1/4 PART No. CTS/PEX SizePPSV011223W 3/8X 3/81/4 Turn Valve PSEISV20EP 1/2(With M/FPSEISV28EP 3/4F Thread Adapter)Size Shut-OffPART No. NPS X Comp X Tube 1/4 Turn Valve FEMALEASVPP5LF M/F. 1/2-M. 3/8 - 1/4 T (Speed-fit) GARDENASVPP6LF M/F. 1/2-M. 3/8 - 3/8 T HOSE ELBOWConversion Adapter can be threaded to either side of the valve to make configurations of 1/2 x 1/2 NPS or 3/8 x 3/8Compression. CTS/PEX SizePART No. Size Tube PART No. X NHPPSV040808W 1/4PPSV041212W 3/8 NC2723 3/8 X 3/4 - 11.5NSF 61Shut-Off1/4 Turn Valve CTS JG TWIST & LOCKFITTINGS(Speed-fit/Female) FOR USE WITH COPPER, PEX AND CPVC PIPE1/4 TurnShut-OffPART No. Size Tube X NPTF ValvePPSV500822W 1/4X 1/4PPSV501222W 3/8X 1/4PART No. CTS/PEX SizePSEISV20P 1/2PSEISV28P 3/4PSEISV28EP 3/4 (Black)Shut-Off1/4 Turn Valve Includes 2(Speed-fit/Female) interchangeablebuttons for colorcoding hot and coldDO NOT USE THESE VALVES: In a partially open position to control flow.Black valve is UV Without tubing assembled or plugged. PART No. Size Tube X NPTF stabilized.(or threaded connections sealed) PPSV451223W 3/8X 3/8 Must only be used in the fully open or closed position. As a tap or faucet.176'