b'BRASS COMPRESSION FITTINGS1 2 TEE TEE TEEA Tube Ends Tube Ends TubeAnd Male Pipe Center3 Three Ends Female PipeCenter TubePART No. Tube PART No. Tube Pipe PART No. Tube Pipe78-4B 1/4 1/464-2 1/8 71-3A 3/16 1/8 78-6A 3/8 1/864-2-1/2 5/32 71-4A 1/4 1/8 78-6B 3/8 1/471-4B 1/4 1/464-3 3/16 71-6A 3/8 1/864-4 1/4 71-6B 3/8 1/464-5 5/16 71-6C 3/8 3/871-8D 1/2 1/2 TEE64-6 3/8 Ends Tube64-8 1/2 And64-10 5/8 Female Pipe64-12 3/4 TEE Center Male Pipe64-14 7/8 Ends TubeLead Free Center Male Pipe PART No. Tube PipeLF-64-41/4 79-4A 1/4 1/8LF-64-6 3/8LF-64-81/2 PART No. Tube Pipe72-3A 3/16 1/8LF-64-105/8 72-4A 1/4 1/8 Lead Free refers to the72-4B 1/4 1/472-5A 5/16 1/8 wetted surface of pipe, fittingsReducing 72-5B 5/16 1/472-6A 3/8 1/8 and fixtures in potable water1 2 3 72-6B 3/8 1/464R-46 1/4 1/4 3/8 72-6C 3/8 3/8 systems that have a weighted64R-84 1/2 1/2 1/4 72-6D 3/8 1/272-8C 1/2 3/864R-86 1/2 1/2 3/8 72-8D 1/2 1/2 average lead content less thanLead Free 72-10D 5/8 1/2LF-64R-643/8 3/8 1/4 72-12D 3/4 1/2 or equal to 0.25%. LEAD FREE BRASS REGULATIONSApplications:Lead Free Brass: (Not Containing more than 0.25% weighted average lead on wetted surfaces)Conveying or dispensing water for human consumption through drinking or cooking as well as other air, oil and water applications.Used with copper, brass, aluminum, plastic tube (add insert and use delrin sleeve). Do not use with steel tubing. US Federal Legislation:Bill S.3874 Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act provides a US Federal mandate to adhere to the 0.25% weighted average leadcontent of wetted surfaces in all potable water systems throughout the United States.This Federal legislation makes it an offence to sell, offer to sell, or install into service any plumbing product or device that may come incontact with potable water, that is in excess of the 0.25% weighted average lead content. Low Lead requirements in Canada:ASME A112.18.1/CSA N125.1 and CSA B125.3 standards for Plumbing fittings were amended to include the following under section4.9 Toxicity and Lead Content: 4.9.3Fittings intended to convey or dispense water for human consumption through drinking or cooking shall not contain a weightedaverage lead content in excess of 0.25% when evaluated in accordance with the test method specified in NSF/ANSI 372.WARNING: Because lead-free brass is harder it can also be more brittle. To prevent cracking, extra care should be taken not to over-tighten lead free fittings.12'